Would Colorado DPC community like CAFP to help with a website for us

(Jamie Glover MD) #1

CAFP is possibly willing to help build a Colorado DPC website to help local Colorado businesses and individuals find DPC’s in Colorado. Are you interested?

(Robin Dickinson) #2

What do you think? I am interested in any free help we can get but I worry about excluding people in smaller states. Would they be willing to include regional DPCs on their list? But as the person who was supposed to do the website and couldn’t get the freaking photos to load, I think having a competent person with money doing it would probably work out better. :grin:

(Dr Phil Eskew, DO, JD, MBA) #3

I think it is a great idea. Colorado has more DPC practices than any other state. Maybe once it was built other state AFP societies could look to Colorado as an example.

(Robin Dickinson) #4

We’ll talk with them. I think riding on the tails of the legislative success is a good time to try to get this accomplished!

@j.glover1 Which person in CAFP is the go-to for this?

(Jamie Glover MD) #5

Raquel Rosen is the go-to for now.

(Dr Lisa Davidson) #6

Yes, Love it!!!

(Robin Dickinson) #7

Hi all,

This really does mean all…not just Colorado.

@lisainden and I chatted with Raquel (CAFP) last week when we were talking at the med school and they are looking into the logistics of doing the website and they are happy to coordinate with the regional AFPs to include everyone in @rocky_mountain_group!

I’ll keep you posted as I hear more.