Which apps do YOU use for direct patient communication?

(Julio Bracero) #1

What apps/services do you use to communicate directly with patients? I mean secure, HIPAA-compliant communication only.

I’m a pediatrician that is just getting his feet wet with DPC.

For the past 2 years, I’ve used OhMD (which is mostly text + picture messaging + one-way PDF document send). It doesn’t feature video chats. The free features are robust enough and parents can contact me from anywhere in the world (except when in China). 3 very happy moms confirmed the app works in Iran, Kenya, and Nigeria.

The landscape has changed over the past 2 years. Tiger Text tried nickel-and-diming me and I always hate when a service doesn’t publish its pricing plans. Now I see services like Doxy.me (free + paid), Hale (free + paid), and Spruce (paid only).

  1. Which services do you use on a REGULAR basis? Meaning: we like them, it works, we use them because there is no “all-in-one” alternative, etc.

  2. Which services are INDISPENSABLE to you? Meaning: we use it every day and cannot imagine practicing without it.

(Dr Rob Lamberts) #2

I have used Twistle and Spruce. Spruce is full-featured and more robust than Twistle. To say I use Spruce daily is a huge understatement. My office does probably 100-200 communications per day via Spruce and it works well, integrating with our EMR, Elation.

(Jessica Gayheart) #3

The office I manage uses Spruce. It works perfectly with our workflow. You can even schedule auto follow up texts to be sent out and post internally with your team when you want to chat about something without the patient seeing the messages. For example, if you have doctors switching out from being on call they can leave each other internal messages about action of care.

(Joy Donohoe) #4

We are a pediatric practice in Chicago and we us Spruce. Every day. All day. We love it, and our patients REALLY love it.

(Julio Bracero) #5

I’m trying it out now and REALLY like it. Thus far works great as an all-in-one and I’m digging the internal notes.

Thanks everyone. And if you’ve tried something else, please let me know as well.

(Nancy Latady) #6

A good number of my DPC clients are using Spruce and are VERY happy with it.

(Jalan W. Burton) #7

I signed up with Spruce after speaking with other users. I liked that they were all-inclusive (phone, fax, video, text, email). I spoke with a DPC practice in Chicago and they really love the app and use it instead of a patient portal.

Allison - the support technician has been amazing with the service and suggestions as I am just starting out. They are really flexible with new startups.