What laboratories are people using in the Northeast?


(Carmela Mancini) #1

Wondering if anybody @northeast_chapter @new_england_group has ideas on best lab to use for discounted pricing?

(Dr Mark Turshen) #2

Because of bad RI laws, we haven’t been able to get client pricing from the usual players (Quest, Lab Corp, etc). Only Mercy has given us pricing and they have their own negatives in terms of when they do bill insurance. But they’ve given us the best cash and client pricing so far.

(Ken Rictor, MD) #3

Hi Carmela

We have had good success with Quest and Health Networks. Generally our cost is 10% of retail.

(Jeffrey S Gold MD) #4

Even though our offices are next to each other …are you not happy w LabCorps pricing?

(Jack Forbush, DO) #5

@cman122175 I’ve had the best luck with Mercy Diagnostics.

(Michael A. Ciampi, M.D.) #6

I use Mercy Diagnostics as well. Service and pricing for our cash patients is outstanding. I do have some ethical issues with how much they charge insurance companies. Even though our patients don’t get balance billed, we have to be careful to explain to them not to freak out when they get the EOB from the insurance company.

I know that they only get paid a fraction of the time, but when they do, it drives up the claims experience and theoretically can cause the patients’s premiums to go up the next year.

I have been considering joining the Yankee Alliance to get good prices with Quest, but their customer and client service in the past has been so poor, we would rather not deal with them ever again.

(Dr Brian Pierce) #7

Mercy Diagnostics has been great for the patients and better for us to deal with than the regional hospital lab system here.

Patients briefly risk heart attacks when they get the first lab EOB from their insurance company but so far no insured patients have been billed copays by Mercy and the uninsured/cash folks prices is 1/4 of what the hospitals charge.

With insurance based practices, it only took 3 PCPs for an inhouse lab to make sense financially so as there are more DPCs working together that will become an option for us again.

(Ken Rictor, MD) #8

One more thing, We have had great success with the integration of the labs to ELATION EMR with Health Networks and Quest. Huge help with timeliness of labs and trends of results automatically in chart.

(Lauren Hedde, DO) #9

Mercy has been amazing for us in RI too. They integrated into Practice Fusion for us which has been awesome!

(Ken Rictor, MD) #10

That’s great. I think the mark of a good lab is their willingness to integrate with our systems. We approached our local Not For Profit hospital system in Chambersburg PA to integrate with our systems. The only way they would consider this would be for my office to pay a monthly fee and then a set up see to have that function!!! Great for the community Huh??

(Minda Gold) #11

Using Mercy Diagnostics as well. Similar concerns ethically to Mike Ciampi but great pricing for patients. Labs integrate into Elation making it slick to send results to patients and notify me of abnormals and what needs to be followed up on. Able to trigger your own values for critical labs. Waiting for some improved customer service when you need to call the lab however. So far, my patients have been very happy, word is getting out and others are using our lab station as well. Can’t beat the price !

(linnea meyer md) #12

I just posted in DPC New England Docs: Just a heads up - Mercy Diagnostics informed me that they will no longer be doing pickups for me. Apparently they are cutting out some low-volume practices. Just a heads up to any of you who, like me, are micropractices and are lower volume. Unfortunate, esp since they have a daily pick-up across town in Brookline. I did let them know that I will inform the rest of the NE practices and new practices that are opening!

(Minda Gold) #13

Interesting…Mercy Diagnostics is also pulling out of my practice. I have over 400 patients and other providers have been referring people to my lab as well for their patients to be drawn by Mercy. We were fortunate to have them set up a lab in my office given the volume of the area. Not only are they leaving but they will not be sending a courier to pick up blood that we would drop. Makes me question their priorities. I’ve actually been questioning their principles and my goals with transparency with direct primary care. Talking to QUEST. Any experience?

(Dr Brian Pierce) #14

I think any ethics concerns are absurd if Mercy is meeting the letter of the law. The whole insurance and lab system in this country is already ethically bankrupt. As long as Mercy is keeping it legal and is good for my patients, that’s fine.

As far as Mercy dumping low volume providers, you have little leverage as a single small DPC but if a DPC network contracted with Mercy as a group, then you have lots of leverage. We’d need to pay a lawyer to check for antitrust issues and we’d likely need a more formal business entity than a Facebook group to negotiate and sign deals with labs.

Running our own inhouse labs will be a good option soon but none of us are big enough yet to make that economically viable. There are several of us within driving distance of each other that could pool our labs but then you get into whether or not you’re running a reference lab with much more legal, regulatory and liability issues to sort out. I loved having an inhouse lab at my old insurance practice.