What Is the Common Message of DPC

(Robin Dickinson) #1

Everyone is talking about healthcare right now. Let’s come up with a list of concepts and phrases that form the common message of DPC.

Here’s the one I say a lot: Medical coverage is not medical care. Affordable insurance is important in case something terrible happens, but that doesn’t actually provide you with the routine care you need. I provide TRULY affordable care.

I think everyone here can agree that currently the politicians are mostly rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic…which is an analogy I’ve heard in many contexts but I think fits the absolute best with our bloated healthcare system full of executives and politicians caring more about profits than the safety/health of the people/patients. If only they would seriously consider an entirely different approach!

(Robin Dickinson) #2

@docjsp We had an interesting conversation about this…and I’m thinking @rob has some strong opinions on this as well.

(Jerry S Purcell) #3

Here’s some things I say a lot: Coverage does not equal care (been repeated by many); patients, not profits; my oath is to patients not insurance companies or administrators; you can have a doctor that deals with data and insurance companies all day or a doctor that focuses on patient care all day, not both; does your doctor know how much CT scan of brain is or a TSH blood test or Gallbladder U/S really cost?;
We need one voice for sure, but we’re all little different. What can we agree on?