What Is Holding You Back?

(Robin Dickinson) #1

This community has a nice mix of people who are contemplative, just starting out, and established in DPC. I’ve a question for those just starting out or contemplating…what is the biggest fear holding you back? What are you worried will cause you to fail? How do you feel inadequate?

And those who have been doing it awhile…what is your perspective on your early fears now? Did they come true? Partially true? Turn out alright?

I’m tagging a few newer or contemplating DPCs but anyone is welcome to answer (and I don’t mean to single you guys out! Just wanted to make sure you saw this): @baiken @Dashephe @Katelittle @tpbkc @docy2k @cjs56

And I’m tagging a few established DPCs but again, welcome answers from anyone: @drken @jforbush @drturshen @rob @forestdpc @jamesgaor @brianpierce @MBKeller @drpeter @lisainden

(Tiffanny Blythe) #2

Just opened July 10th after only 6 months of “prep”. It was intolerable for me to stay in “the system” any longer and opening my DPC was a no-brainer from that stand point. But my biggest fear is that I won’t be able to “sell it” enough. That I won’t convince enough people how awesome DPC is and that my family will go bankrupt supporting this dream.

I have 4 kids, a mortgage, and TONS of debt (mostly student loans). If this fails, the consequences are massive.

But what I know about myself is that I’m a “doer”. I get things done and I HATE failure more than anything. I’m adaptive and resourceful. And I’ve climbed some pretty tall mountains in my day and crumbled some brick walls. So in my heart I feel I can make it work. But my bank account and my head keep getting in the way :frowning:

(cjs56) #3

Nothing holding back. Just planning now.

(Robin Dickinson) #4

@tpbkc Wow! You literally just opened. Congrats! That’s so exciting!

I was there! I’m the only income for my family and tons of debt too. I also found the old way intolerable and had to change…I put together my practice during my maternity leave. :smile:

I found that even with all my planning, once I actually opened I had to just figure things out as I went.

Most people find that you hit a tipping point around 50-75 patients when word of mouth takes over but I remember biting my nails. You can do this. You’ll find your niche, your “gatekeepers” (the people who will send others). You can do this!

(Roberta Nieto) #5

I would echo what Tiffany said. I quit my Big Box job several months ago and honestly I just needed a break from everyone needing me. My parents are in advanced age with my dad having stroke deficits. I have been doing a lot for them the last few months and I amglad that I have had this time for them.

I too have bills like all of us. Southern Cali is very expensive to live and being the only income it is a bit frightening starting a new business.

I too had to get off the slave ship of corporate medicine. I think a lot of docs are stuck there.

I also think the startup is an expense. I am really trying not to take out a loan. I do not want more debt. I have found a small place that needs work. The contractor has quoted 17k and that doesn’t include the cabinets that are needed. That doesn’t include furnishing it, medical supplies, etc. The lease is reasonable but add that the expense of my mortgage.

I have recently started doing some 1099 work for a residency program, and I hope that continues. I really have had fun teaching the residents. I also have another Home care agency that wants me to do very part time work for them. So I am glad these have come along to have some income.

I think one of my biggest weaknesses is marketing the business. I am not a big talker. I did meet with a young woman that has a startup Marketing business Honestly, The cost is too much. Emily Scott’s mom is going to help me with my website. My sister said she would start and maintain the Facebook.

I want to get this lease and contractor stuff going.

I have my AndaMeds account and McKesson accounts.
I have some equipment but need more.

So I’m getting there

(Jack Forbush, DO) #6

To be honest, my initial fear was not so much whether the practice would survive, but really whether or not I could continue being family physician.

I have no complaints, actually I do have one complaint that being that I’m busier than I can really handle many days.

(cjs56) #7

That book called Doctor’s Guide to concierge medicine seems to be pretty good.
But, very redundant. Concierge principles similar to DPC.

(cjs56) #8

You should have seen what it was was like working Family Medicine in San Diego for ten years and my mother living with me with Parkinson’s Disease. I tell people on the East Coast and they could not believe it.

(cjs56) #9

So. Cal is real real tough.
Carlsbad $800,000 for a 2 bedroom condo. And the traffic!
I-5 a parking lot going south every day from Carlsbad to Del Mar.
Taking the Coaster train is like the Long Island Railroad. How similar the two places have become!

(Jennifer Mc Cabe Lentz) #10

Tiffany- (@tpkbc) How is it going? Are you selling it? I will open in January and I to 2 have 4 kids, mortgage, debt… have similar fears as well. I haven’t not had benefits, etc. Decision is made now, though. Notice has been given.

(Tiffanny Blythe) #11

Too early to tell. I have a ton of ideas, but 1) they’ll take time to implement and 2) I’m sure it will take time to see results from those efforts. I’m cautiously optimistic :blush:

(Tiffanny Blythe) #12

I wish you all the best. My kids are already MUCH better off. I don’t regret it for a second.

(Lissa Lubinski) #13

This is a great question, @Robin_Dickinson. I think as physicians we are pretty attuned to fear and that underlies most of our obstacles. I opened June 21 and am about celebrate a month of being liberated! It feels incredible to have finally done it – opened, with two little boys, ongoing medical issues, ongoing contract negotiations with soon-to-be-previous employer (am just per diem now but still enrolled with medicare and needing to officially resign and opt out). I go back and forth between amazement/joy when people slowly keep signing up, and doubt about if I’ve done/am doing enough in any capacity as far as my practice is concerned.
Particularly with marketing. I started completely from scratch, unable to “advertise” to my previous panel here in town, and have 20 patients now, all of whom are really excited and only 5 of whom were pre-enrolled. Lots of people needing a doctor here, so I feel ready to step up my efforts by going to all the local providers (counselors, dentists, PTs, chiropractors, etc) to introduce myself. My overhead is extremely low so I only need about 55-60 patients to meet my overhead. I know many started more aggressively or thoroughly from a marketing standpoint, but I think by the time I opened, this was probably the pace I could handle, and now I’m ready to get going.

I am grateful for this community and ability to engage in questions/answers/feedback/ideas. Incredibly helpful. My family is already better off, and I am having far fewer migraines. So already a huge improvement in quality of life!

(Robin Dickinson) #14

I think this is a great way of balancing risk/fear…is to minimize the cut off for success!