(Dr Melanie Story) #1

We are always looking to expand our services including vaccinations. We have been able to add some that are more often requested, but would love to hear what others are doing in this area. Where have you found best pricing? Etc…

(Dr Clint Flanagan) #2

Vaxcare is a solution we’ve been very happy with. Turnkey option, no capital outlay for vaccinations and practice is paid for each vaccine that’s given.

(Jason Larsen) #3

@drcflanagan - I’m curious to know more about Vaxcare. Sounds like patients pay for each vaccine that’s given and then the practice pays Vaxcare? What is pricing like?

We’ve been looking for an option for adult vaccinations and just refer to a local pharmacy, but often it’s a bit spendy.

Thanks for your help!

(Dr Melanie Story) #4

Thank you Dr. Flanagan for the quick response.

(Dr Clint Flanagan) #5

Check out

(Ken Rictor, MD) #6

We have also used VaxCare and have been very pleased. They are very reasonable and easy to use with practice.

(James Gaor) #7

VaxCare currently doesn’t operate in CA. Still looking for any other solutions…

(Brieanna Seefeldt) #8

Does anyone know where they do and do not function?
How does VaxCare work, do they bill the insurance company?


(jessica petryszyn) #9

We use Vaxcare here in Fort Collins also and we love it. We do not have to purchase the vaccines vaxcare takes care of it and will also reorder automatically once your inventory gets low. Yes if the patient has insurance they will bill the insurance company. They even have an eligibility check for you when you check the patient into their system. They reimburse you for each administration. Their cash pay pricing for patients who do not have insurance is very good, very affordable! Also I have to say their customer service is amazing, our rep always gets back to me right away, set up was super easy and the rep comes to your clinic to teach your staff how to use the system. I definitely recommend them!

(Jason Rutz) #10

Hi all-

We’ve desperately tried to work with Vaxcare here in Indiana-problem is they require the provider to be contracted with insurance -a problem for an independent DPC practice. Is there a way around this? Our rep is trying to push a exclusively cash model up the rank, but no luck so far. For those who work with Vaxcare do you contract with insurance? Thanks.

(Jason Larsen) #11

I would also like to know if they require providers to contract with insurance, because ours do not. Great questions @freedomhlth.

(Tyler Emmons ) #12

We had the rep in Florida tell us that we could not use their services because they required the doctor to have insurance contracts. So there are practices in states that do not have to be ‘in-network’ with insurance?

(Jason Rutz) #13

Unfortunately I think that will be the case nationwide. I confirmed with my local Vaxcare rep that the practices mentioned in the thread are “hybrid” practices that still may be contracted with insurance.

(Joy Donohoe) #14

Are there any pediatric or family practice DPC practices using Vaxcare who would be willing to chat with us? We are a pediatric DPC practice in Chicago. Vaxcare is operating in Illinois now (as of 8/1/17) and we are planning to begin using their services. Before we take the leap we’d really like to talk to others who have experience with them.

(Robin Dickinson) #15

@jessicap, would you be able to chat with @joyd? Thanks!

(Joy Donohoe) #16

I’d love to chat! I can be reached via email: