Tip: How to handle a bad online review


(Dr Lisa Davidson) #1

We all have unreasonable patients, ones that are never satisfied. At some point everyone will get hit with a bad online review, whether deserved or not. One way to deal with it is simply flood your reviews with positives. Ask loyal patients to go online and leave a review. They will be more than happy to help and eventually the bad review will be buried. Anyone else have tips?

(James Gaor) #2

It’s been recommended to always address any critical/bad review directly and publicly to acknowledge any miscommunications/misunderstanding that may have occurred.

Tons of little pearls from Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit. The Secrets of Building a Five-Star Customer Service Organization. I have this on my list to re-read.

(Robin Dickinson) #3

I feel uncomfortable asking patients to leave reviews so for me, a bad review from someone who had never even been to my practice (and said so in his review) was a great excuse to be brave and ask patients to help out! Which reminds me, I should probably do that again sometime…

(Jack Forbush, DO) #4

Excellent read!

(Christopher Habig) #5

Great point and absolutely critical. It is ok to defend your business, your process, and ultimately, your brand. Vast majority of people leaving bad reviews are making an emotional decision and once engaged in direct discussion, will back down or even apologize!

(Ken Rictor, MD) #6

Great resources Thanks. I agree that if you are in business long enough, there are going to be those that want to come at you with social media slams. We had an incident years ago in the Fee For Service world where I had a patient that my entire staff went out of their way to support. We were accepting his HMO type of insurance plan and received less than $10 a month for his chronic care with DM and Renal failure and multiple complications in a 20 something patient totally non compliant. The wife approached me with certain disability forms that she had completed with false information. I talked with her to explain why I obviously could not sign something that was false. She and her husband left the practice and soon followed the review that “Dr Rictor is only concerned about the money when dealing with Patients.” WOW what a slam. In this case I rebutted her review and without revealing HIPA information, told the truth of what had happened. I don’t know what traction that had but my business never suffered.
I then asked my other patients to write a review and after a while the negativity of the one false review was minimized to insignificance…

(Jack Forbush, DO) #7

“My thanks for your less than constructive and unfounded criticism of my practice”

(Robin Dickinson) #8

@jforbush Miss Manners would approve of the completely polite sarcasm.