Tailoring marketing to the audience

(Robin Dickinson) #1

I’m doing a presentation to a group of patient navigators and case managers. The social worker who asked me to come suggested, “If you have a standard power point, that would be great.”

Which got me thinking…I really don’t have a standard spiel. I have a version for midwives and lactation consultants that is totally different than the one for small businesses in the nearby area that is totally different than what I’m going to be telling the case workers. I mean, I guess underneath it all, it’s the same stuff.

For small businesses, I emphasize convenience, decreased absenteeism, happier and productive employees.

For midwives (who then recommend me to their patients), I emphasize the personalized care, slower pace, play room, breastfeeding support, and easy phone access for anxious new moms.

For the case managers, I’m emphasizing how dpc helps fill some of the gaps in our Healthcare system, that it works well for people with high deductibles or who are uninsured or don’t qualify for subsidies or Medicaid for various reasons.

Do you have particular audiences you tailor to?

(Jack Forbush, DO) #2

I turn to keep it simple. Standard block of slides and tailor the actual presentation to the audience. Prevents me from having too many presentations to keep track of! :wink:

(Dochost) #3

Ha! I have 3 different presentations–one to patients, one to other docs considering DPC, and one to employers. I do use many of the same slides, but found it easier for me to just keep the whole set different for each type. Of course, I have a friend who is a wiz at PPT and he put them all together for me, I just provided the content. He did all my website and videos also. It’s what he does for a living!

(Robin Dickinson) #4

Now that is the way to do it! :wink:

(Robin Dickinson) #5

@jforbush But what if I accidentally start talking about constipation and colic with the small businesses? That could get a bit uncomfortable for everyone…

(Jack Forbush, DO) #6

not necessarily