Suggestions for Med Dispensing


(Dr Rob Lamberts) #1

Okay. I’m convinced to do dispensing. Will probably do FlexScan because of flat cost and flexibility. Integrates with Hint and Elation (which is great). Now I have some questions:

  1. Anyone have suggestions on UPC scanner and printer?
  2. Where’s the best place to buy the bottles to dispense in? What should I get?
  3. Has anyone mailed prescriptions for patients? It seems it would decrease the traffic in the office for prescriptions. Would need to add a fee and perhaps only do it for 90-day supply.
  4. Anything else?

(Jason Larsen) #2

We use Aidarex for our medications - they prepackage bottles and have great prices. They provide the paper to print the labels on, and we just bought a scanner in order to speed up the dispensing process (again, they’re pre-bottled, so no need to count pills, just pull from the shelf and double check lot numbers, correct med, etc.).

Let me know if you have any questions about them. We haven’t connected that system to Hint quite yet, but I hear that MDScripts will connect to Hint, so I’m in the process of looking into what that looks like - as I believe Aidarex uses their own whitelabel version of MDScripts.

Hope that helps!

(Jerry S Purcell) #3

We us AtlasMD which integrates all the meds dispensing and also has a way to mail meds to patients. We use Andameds for meds and bottles. We keep two sizes of bottles-one small and one larger. A lot of the meds from Andameds can be used themselves and just affix label on them. We buy 90 day supplies for most meds. You can get larger quantities like bottle of 1000 norvasc 5mg. But someone has to count them out. A lot of folks in busy offices use an automated pill counter. It those cost about $2400.
Pts love the meds innoffice and usually save tons of money.

(Tyler Emmons ) #4

We have started and have not done many. We order from Andameds. We have found out that there are some things that are required here in Florida that we did not know. The bottles must have a child-proof top, a sign must be posted that we only have generic drugs, there has to be a dispensing log that the doc signs either daily or weekly, and the patient must sign something that says we offered counseling to the patient. That is here in Florida.