State Legislative Summary


(Dr Phil Eskew, DO, JD, MBA) #1

Pound the pavement everyone! The odds are good that you are in a state considering DPC legislation. I’ve already covered proposals in Montana, Colorado, Arkansas, Kentucky, Indiana, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, West Virginia and South Carolina in this post. I’d be happy to keep the conversation going here.

Even states like Pennsylvania, California, and New York have conversations brewing - though they are less likely this session unless added to another bill since the timelines for introduction have mostly passed.

Have I missed any states? If so please let me know!

(Dr Brian Pierce) #2

Maine has a bill in the works.

(Dr Phil Eskew, DO, JD, MBA) #3

Indeed. I’ve been asked about language by multiple DPC physicians in Maine. I’ve not seen a bill on the floor of the house or senate yet though, so I have not made Maine a dark blue state yet on my most recent map. Are you aware of legislation that has been formally proposed and assigned a bill number? If so please pass along the citation.

(Philipp Olshausen) #4

How do we get OREGON turned around, Phil?
I am happy to work on that but need some guidance.

(Dr Phil Eskew, DO, JD, MBA) #5

The best way is to find a representative that wants to sponsor revised DPC legislation. I volunteer my time all over the place to help folks tinker with the language. Sometimes other groups might ignore your initial requests or not want to take the time to learn about DPC, but when you get a bill dropped they cannot help but read it and join the conversation.

I was presenting about DPC at an event in Kentucky and one of the attendees was a member of the legislature in West Virginia and she was then motivated to pursue a legislative correction. Keep getting the word out about DPC and you never know where folks might pick it up and run with it. We’ve had lots of organized emails in Pennsylvania with PAFP and still no formal legislation has been dropped. In Montana I worked directly with the Senate Majority Whip and his legislative assistant - literally “me and two other guys.” In larger states you can have death by 1,000 voices.

(Dr Clint Flanagan) #6

A group (DPCers, patients, employers) of us testified here in CO last week in front of the Health, Insurance and Environment Committee regarding DPC legislation–HB17-1115. It passed 11-0 out of committee and now goes to the House floor. We have bipartisan sponsorship in both the House and Senate. Here’s a link: