Stark Contrast Before and After DPC


(Robin Dickinson) #1

I just read this blog post comparing life in a standard medical practice (is that like the Standard American Diet?) with life in DPC.

It has a nice compelling opening:

It Was the Best of Times, It’s Become Much Worse of Times…The knot in Holly’s stomach wakes her at 5am. She can’t shake the feeling that she forgot something really important yesterday.

And a satisfying ending:

She steps out of the exam room to share a brilliant idea with her medical assistant:
“Would you teach Rose to ride the bus home, riding it all the way with her, and then take an Uber back to the office?”

My first thought is who here is Rose’s doctor. I love the idea of teaching a willing patient to use the bus! Most of my patients are already pretty public transit-savvy but what a great use of an MA’s time!

Beyond that, I think many of us can relate to the stark contrast to life before and after DPC. My son describes it to his little sister as, “Before, Mom left when we got up and got home to put us to bed. Now, Mom has every meal with us.”

And, as described in the story, I regularly address the social, economic, interpersonal, and trauma-related variables that affect my patient.

What did you all think of the article?

(Jason Larsen) #2

Thanks for sharing that post, @Robin_Dickinson. It does hit on all of the issues that DPC physicians are able to address without all the regulation.

Here’s a short blog post that our physician wrote a few months after opening our direct practice. One of the first patients that he saw in his DPC practice (who had been a patient for years) said, “I haven’t seen you this happy in 15 years.”

Here’s that blog post if you care to read (a quick, 2 minute read)…

(Robin Dickinson) #3

That’s a great post…and I’m fascinated by the fact the practice offers counseling. I’ll be picking your brain someday!

(Jason Larsen) #4

We started our practice with the concept. It’s worked for us because our Licensed Mental Health Counselor is one of the owners, so she was willing to invest and delay her pay until we were ready to give her a salary.

It has been awesome to include MHC as part of our membership. We’ve run into interesting scenarios where we know people would not have used mental health therapy if they were stuck with the normal system, yet they are doing some great work with us!

I’m definitely happy to talk more about how we’ve been able to make it work with our practice.