Staff Training Tip

(Robin Dickinson) #1

In case you couldn’t guess from my string of posts with photos, I’m sorting photos. :blush:

But I came across these and thought they might help someone else. There are all sorts of articles about there about how millennials are visual so I’ve found that photos often get more across than instructions. My 18 year old “tech support” is also at community college working on his RN so he likes to help with more medical tasks while he’s at my office doing computer stuff. He is great at the detail parts (scrubbing, sterilizing) but without a medical background, he was assembling some really amusing combinations. So I created instrument kit photos to make sure everything ended up together that ought to. It’s worked out really well!

Does anyone else have good tips for training staff? He is the extent of my staff and never interacts with patients so I haven’t much else to offer…but I’ll bet the rest of you do!

(Dana Sanderson) #2

Screenshots & photos are a big part of my training materials – they’re also my go-to references when troubleshooting with my IT guy!