(Dr Brian Pierce) #1

I looked at Spruce a bit at the DPC Summit as we’re frustrated with trying to do bulk emails from Elation. We have a good phone system with 8x8.com and use Twistle for the rare patient that wants to text me. The Elation portal works well for those patients that will use a computer for communicating.

At $400/month for a 600 patient panel, what are docs finding about Spruce that makes it worth that much more overhead?

(Joy Donohoe) #2

Are there any pediatric practices out there who use Spruce? We almost went with them about 6 months ago, then got cold feet because of some limitations we were running into that are specific to pediatrics. Now reconsidering.

(Jack Forbush, DO) #3

Love spruce

(pouya bahrami) #4

I have been using SPRUCE for almost 2 years. We use it for video chat, texting with patients. Patients like it too. What i like the most about it the simplicity. If I can use it, then anyone can.

(Chris Lee PMHNP-BC) #5

Omg Spruce was the worst experience! I believed all the hype only to learn that it’s basically still a beta product. You literally have to call the support team to do anything, from change a color, to add a word, even to add forwarding numbers. It’s the least flexible service, I thought it was awful. It took them a month to port my number back to my previous carrier.

(Charish Barry) #6

What did your group decide? I have a pediatric practice and decided to launch my Hint and Spruce accounts at the same time. Hoping this was a good decision! Seems like there’s a lot to offer through Spruce’s communication channels.

(Joy Donohoe) #7

We decided to go with Spruce. We launched it in May and we really like it, as do (most of) our patients. I hope you find it as useful as we have!

(dadafang) #8

this web is also good