Specifics about dispensing


(Dr Rob Lamberts) #1

OK, we’ve gotten FlexScan and it’s nicely integrated with Elation and Hint (sweet). Now we have a couple of questions:

  1. If we roll this out with our practice as a whole, we’ve decided we need a pill counter (or I will be murdered by my nurses). Recommendations?
  2. What do you do with expired medications? Is the only option to throw them out, or can I legally give them to a patient? I assume not, but wonder what others have done.

(Dr. Peter Lehmann) #2

Hey @rob we are using MD Scripts. What do you pay per month to Flex Scan for the service ?

We offer expired meds to several local docs who do missionary work overseas.

I don’t use a pill counter. We dispense 90 or 100 day stock bottles unless someone is trying a medication out. The price savings to the patient by our buying much larger stock bottles (500, 1000 count) aren’t that much better so I save the cost of a pill counter.

(Tiffanny Blythe) #3

That’s interesting because I’ve been on several medical missions and we’ve never been allowed to bring in expired meds. Is it a case of “hope they don’t find them during the customs check”?

(Dr. Peter Lehmann) #4

I have no idea what they do with them.

Dr. Lehmann

(Robin Dickinson) #5

I have heard a lot of doctors offering expired meds to patients for free. Not sure the legality. I don’t dispense but I do bring home the expired ibuprofen and zofran and so forth for my family. :smile:

(Jason Larsen) #6

I have also ‘heard of certain physicians’ doing this… :wink:

(Paula Frantz) #7

Everything that I could find in Colorado shows that expired meds have to be destroyed. They can’t be sent on missions. Anything donated to a mission, even over seas states that the meds have to be dispensed to the patient before the expiration date. I use MedPro for disposal. I paid a flat fee for a bucket in which I dump any of the pills that have expired. Once the bucket is filled, I seal it, seal the box, and ship it. Shipping was pre-paid in the flat fee. I paid $275 for my bucket (this was the cheapest disposal by far that I was able to find.) I have been open for 2 years and still haven’t filled my bucket. I initially had some waste as I found my prescribing practices changed when I moved to DPC. Now, not much gets wasted or expired.