Southwest Chapter?

(Eric Ehle) #1

I’m in Texas, there needs to be a group for central US.

(Zak Holdsworth) #2

Hey @Eric_Ehle absolutely. We can set that up for you. Do you want to moderate this chapter? Can you think of anyone else who might be good for that?

Let us know and we will get that setup right away.

(Eric Ehle) #3

I wouldn’t say I would be a good moderator, but if you have to have one I guess you can put me down at least initially.

(Rob Bartlett) #4

Where in Texas, Eric? I am involved in a clinic in SW Okla and we have members in Wichita Falls. Let’s begin a SW Chapter: Okla, Texas, NM at least

(Eric Ehle) #5

Sounds good. I am in Amarillo. Are you strictly membership? or do you take insurance?

(Rob Bartlett) #6

Cool. The practice is MainStreet Clinic in Lawton OK. All membership. No insurance. Dr. Birdwell staged his opt-out with Medicare first and private insurance six months later. There is not a membership clinic in Wichita Falls and we have contacted several Docs there but with no success yet.

(Zak Holdsworth) #7

@Nora_Goldfield is going to setup a group for you tomorrow.

(Jessica Zwiener) #8

I want in! I’m direct care endocrinology in Houston, opening on Monday.

(Nora Goldfield) #9

Hi all,

The Southwest chapter has been created here