Southeast Chapter

(Dr Rob Lamberts) #1

So let’s do a roll call of anyone in the southeastern US.

  1. Who are you?
  2. Where are you located?
  3. How long has your practice been open?
  4. How many patients do you have?
  5. Is there anything else we need to know about you?

(Dr Rob Lamberts) #2
  1. Rob Lamberts
  2. Augusta, GA
  3. 4 years as of February
  4. I’m right at 700, or almost there.
  5. I made this list, so I’m just answering these questions so that others don’t ignore them but instead feel guilty by my actions.

(Trinette Moss) #3
  1. Trinette Moss, M.D.
  2. Clearwater, FL
  3. 2 years owning my own practice, I have a hybrid for now, shifting to 100% Direct Primary Care this year
  4. 100 Direct Primary Care and 900 insurance.
  5. I feel overwhelmed a lot by so many decisions to make! Also I am tired of being poor again. I came from a big 300+ primary care group. I made good money but it sapped my soul. Starting over is hard, but I hope worth it in the long run.

(Cynthia Villacis) #4
  1. Cynthia Villacis, MD
  2. Edgewood, KY (South of Cincinnati - in Northern Kentucky)
  3. Opening soon - will be DPC.
  4. None - gulp - starting over. Have been employed at FQHC in Ohio for 8yrs and just left.
  5. Many decisions to make still. Hard not to feel overwhelmed. Working PT in addiction medicine to support self and family and clinic ( sigh) as I get things going. Also trying out telemedicine as I get things going - am multitasking now with that as I type this.

(Dr Rob Lamberts) #5

Teladoc is a good way to make a couple thousand a month to cover personal expenses. Wish I had known about it earlier. This is good info for @DRMOSS

(Trinette Moss) #6

Thank you. I looked into a similar company but the time commitment they wanted was over what I felt I could provide at the time. Will check it out

(Melissa Mc Atee) #7

Melissa McAtee
Practice Manager/Landmark MD
Belmont, NC
2 year anniversary is this week!
Current patients: Approximately 750

The first 6 months were scary, but we had gone from a 6 provider huge corporate practice to DPC, and quite a few patients followed us. A lot didn’t, and we’ve definitely made up for that!

(Chad Weston) #8
  1. Chad Weston
  2. Cornelius NC
  3. Opening August 2017
  4. Just resigned April 1, 2017 from hospital employed position. No joke. Have about 2500 established patients from my previous practice 10.1 miles from the new site. Hoping 10% pre enroll.
  5. I’ve got the blue collar and the hustle. Teladoc Application ready, applying for additional high yield state licenses. Trying to buy property to control my overhead and then cover my overhead with the leases on the square footage I don’t need in the beginning.

(Chad Weston) #9

Happy Anniversary

(Jerry S Purcell) #10

Shane Purcell
Anderson, SC
Opened Jan 2016
I’m at 144
Here to help if I can. I’ve ran my own urgent care center since 2008 and learn tons about running a clinic. Learned cash flow management the old school way. CASH FLOW is king.

(Melissa Mc Atee) #11

We are 2 years in over in Belmont. 750 patients and counting. Best decision we ever made.

(Thomas Rhyne White MD) #12
  1. Tom White
  2. Cherryville NC
  3. 2 years - since 3/2/2015. Adding a partner this summer.
  4. Only 6. And they get lots of attention. I see them 3 times daily. (wink)
  5. I have found DPC very rewarding. There are challenges and obstacles. There is much misunderstanding, and still closed minds. But I truly believe DPC is the answer to much of what ails our disease care system, and can save primary care. Thank you Rob for leading this.