Signing HIPPA forms

(Minda Gold) #1

We’re having each new patient sign a HIPAA form along with our office contract on their first office visit. Does anyone send this out ahead of time or have it on their webpage?

(Dr Lisa Davidson) #2

Yes it does save time at the first visit if you have all of the forms available on your site. Don’t forget the Medicare waiver for any of your patients on Medicare. Needs to be re-signd every 1-2 years. I use Elation, so every time a Medicare waiver is signed, I set up a future message to be delivered to me q year later as a reminder.

(James Gaor) #3

We use Adobe e-Sign to have all our patients electronically sign anything if it’s convenient for them. New patients that sign up online get a packet to review and sign if they want before their visit.

I signed a BAA with Adobe for this service to help maintain HIPAA compliance as well.

(Dr Mark Turshen) #4

We have it all on our website though I find more people don’t look until they come in for the first visit. So we just review it then and sign.

(Michael Keller) #5

We use Docusign and I have them esign everything before their first appointment.

(Robin Dickinson) #6

I always encourage new patients to register on my portal and that initial registration includes HIPPA and contact authorization and medical history all rolled into one. Then I have a separate membership agreement. It’s all integrated into my EMR and really simple.

(Carly Polland) #7

I have patients sign forms before the appointment. With my EHR, they get the forms electronically when they book the appointment. I also have a video where I actually explain what it is they are signing. Every single one of my patients appreciates that because none of them understood their privacy rights and what HIPAA was until then and they also appreciate the transparency with the contract. A lot of people don’t really read things before they sign, especially when given it at the time of the appointment, and I don’t like that. I want people to really know the contract because this helps prevent issues later.

(Robin Dickinson) #8

That’s brilliant! Mine has headings to make it more clear but a video would be even better. I’m going to have to sit down and do one now. Thanks for the tip!

(Trinette Moss) #9

Can I see your video? Do you have a link?

(Carly Polland) #10

I’m actually updating my video this week. I will post a link when I have finished it. But basically, I make a powerpoint then use Quicktime to do a voice over powerpoint video. I compress it using handbrake, upload it to youtube as unlisted and then put the link in the confirmation emails for the first appointment.