Should Colorado DPC's or the RMDPC Alliance submit an ASK to the AAFP?

(Jamie Glover MD) #1

One of the things that the CAFP moderator and president elect and others recommended is that if Colorado (and this is also generalizable to all DPC’s in all states) want to show the value of DPC to further improve the favorable view of DPC, perhaps we should submit at ASK to the AAFP. I will have to research what this is, but basically it sounds like you submit a question that they will do data collection on for DPC. We discussed one question that would be great to get some data on “How the promotion and expansion of DPC in our state or in all states might affect the primary care/family physician workforce” by recruitment of students and residents, keeping physicians in till retirement, keeping them from leaving the specialty etc. Has anyone ever submitted an ASK before? I will have to find out more about this from those who seemed to know (Rob Vogt MD, Raquel Rosen CEO of CAFP, Zach Wachtl president-elect of CAFP) but it would be great if we submitted one or two of these. Apparently if approved, AAFP collects the data for us. or something like that…

(Robin Dickinson) #2

@rocky_mountain_group Having the AAFP do the data collection on improved workforce through DPC would be enormously helpful IMO. That’s one of the fighting points about DPC (that we will worsen the primary care shortage). But if they show that more medical students would consider primary care if they do DPC, that would definitely help. I would like to see a study where they ask students their opinion of primary care before and after a video explaining the benefits of DPC. I mean, it’s pretty obvious their opinions would improve. But data…all some people care about is data!