Sharing Ideas on Retention Ideas

(Ken Rictor, MD) #1

Open to sharing ideas for retention.

(James Gaor) #2

Sure! Me too.

We’ve been organizing/hosting monthly webinars led by local nutritionists/yoga instructors/etc that many of our patients find pretty engaging.

We set up occasional on-site visits to one of our small businesses to engage some of their employees.

Just a few things to remain proactive instead of reactive.

(Ken Rictor, MD) #3

That’s terrific. Great tips. Thank you.

(Mary Brace) #4

We also do monthly lunches. In addition we provide “member benefits” from local businesses such as spas, gyms, etc. and they give us coupons or discounts that we put in our new member kits as well as email out to existing members.

We also changed our “mantra” recently to talk about the contract being an annual contract that can be paid on monthly or annually for a discount. This has made a HUGE difference. I used to say that we would see people with a two month minimum but since I changed the way I talk about it I have much less archiving.

(Ken Rictor, MD) #5

I have done the same thing with Chamber of Commerce and community programs. The new member kits with discounts is something we have started as well. It does give that sense that you are part of the community and the community is behind you. Thank you

(Dr Alex Lickerman) #6

I find that simply providing dramatically better access promotes high rention levels. But I do worry about patients who are basically healthy and see me only once/year deciding the cost isn’t worth the benefit. One thing we’ve done is create a quarterly newsletter than highlights practically useful information for patients, is topical (e.g., sunscreen use in the warmer months), and addresses topics in the news that patients might be wondering about. Not sure how much it’s contributed to patient retention, but the patients really like it.

(Ken Rictor, MD) #7

Alex, Yes I agree. We have a monthly news letter that we send out with constant contact to all our email patients. We only have a 27% open rate which is not great but we are constantly trying to improve on this. Our next steps will be to contact all our patients with our Spruce app via text and direct them to video education that I will post on you tube or vimeo. I’ll keep you posted about the success of the texting once we start some group text contacts.

(Lauren Hedde, DO) #8

We also send out a monthly newsletter, weekly blogs and videos, and facebook posts to try to keep people engaged.

I’ve found for my patients, that I like to go through and review everyone on a quarterly basis and send notes to patients I haven’t touched base with recently. I think that makes patients who are “healthy, once a year visitors” feel cared for and impressed that I am checking in even though they are “healthy.” I find there is always something preventative or followup-wise that can be helpful and it keeps me on my toes from an EBM perspective!

(Maribel Aviles) #9

Love it. I will try it!