Search Optimization

(Karl N. Hanson, MD) #1

Right place moderators?
While social media is often mentioned we owe it to ourselves at least a bit of Search Engine Optimization for our website.

  • Write a webpage people want to read. Don’t make it an emotive dissertation about DPC or that you are mad at insurance…
  • Include your name in the home page about 5 times and in a headline to aid in searches.
  • Put keywords in the title and subheadings. Name your pictures if you do your own website.
  • Post info, article, blogs about clinical scenarios or diagnosis. People Google for “spider bites”, not “Dr. Jane”
  • Create an online library if you have the time.:wink:
  • CLAIM your Yelp, Healthgrades, Vitals pages, etc… Easier to control your data and reviews.
  • Set up your Google business account and add Labels (aka keywords) (DPC, business name, your name etc). This is FREE
  • Do NOT ignore reviews. Do respond in a reflective fashion. A polite response (general to the practice, not specific to the reviewer) is preferable. No HIPAA violations remember!
  • Do not accept unsolicited calls from Google about them wanting to increase your profile. Google does not do that.
  • Read the Consumer Review Fairness Act of 2016 to see what the law says of a patient’s right to review.
  • Use the “Google Search Console” if you like to play with that stuff and get some analytics.

All of these are basic tips even if you don’t write your own web page but can at least edit. At our level, no need to hire a professional Search Engine Optimizer (those people really exist). But you can tidy up your online presence.

(Brieanna Seefeldt) #2

This is all great advice thank you!

(Robin Dickinson) #3

Wow, this is the most concise explanation of SEO I’ve seen…I spent hours on websites trying to find out what to do with my website. You just made it easier for everyone. Thank you!!

(cjs56) #4

Good Advise. Did you read…The Doctor’s Guide to Concierge Medicine?

(Karl N. Hanson, MD) #5

No. Not aware of that book.

(Paul Fox) #6

Thank you Dr Hanson, this information will be very helpful.