Scheduler App


(David Melchor) #1

He are a DPC clinic in PR already using Hint, Elation and Spruce. Working great. We are just missing a robust appointment system that can be integrated with Hint. Orchestra One was a good option but they went our of business. I heard is one of the options. any other? What are people using? how about 10to8?

(Jason Larsen) #2


For pure scheduling, we see no reason to not use Elation’s built-in scheduler (we transitioned away from Orchestra One after getting into Elation, as it has all we need).

If you’re looking for an appointment scheduling system that allows online patient scheduling (I don’t believe Elation allows that? Not sure, though - we haven’t had a need or desire for it, as it allows for over-scheduling for those high-use patients) - Full Slate or Acuity should be good options, although no current integration with Hint.

Good luck!

(David Melchor) #3

Thank you Jason. I find elation scheduler a bit limited and not user friendly

(Karla Birkholz) #4

I use Acuity Scheduler and I think it works great.
Waiting for Elation to do an on-line version.

(Jennifer Allen) #5

Curious what you’re looking for? I just switched from to elation- pros and cons of both but I’m really missing the mobile friendly things I could do that Elation doesn’t have. What do you use spruce for if you have hint?

(David Melchor) #6

All patient communication goes via spruce. We have a medical team 24/7 answering our members via Spruce App. Spruce is great because everything is written and there is always a trace. Hint is just a Membership management system.