Renting an office space

(sujata kumar) #1

Hi I am a new member and trying to start a DPC pediatric practice in Tampa Florida.
I am running into the problem of High rent (700-800 for single room ). I tried the executive office suite but the answer I get is usually that they don’t want a medical clinic or that it is not zoned for medical clinic. i would appreciate if someone can answer what exactly is the requirement for medical clinics( ?has to have a sink/ ADA bathroom on premises etc)

(Radley Griffin) #2

Hi Dr. Kumar!

I am in Tampa and I’d love to chat with you about your start up. I’m at and my cell is(813) 446-6063.


Radley Griffin

(sujata kumar) #3

Thank you, I’ll contact you asap. what is the best time for you?