Reliable Resources

(Elizabeth Hart) #1

Everybody starts somewhere…what brought you to DPC and provided reliable information? Are there “must-have” books? I’ve been using Dr Farrago’s book “The Official Guide to starting your own DPC practice” as a primer for conversation. [I bought my signed copy in Dallas.] I have the Atlas curriculum. I hear pros and cons on the AAFP resources…haven’t yet spent money there.
No offense to Farrago, but I definitely didn’t feel like I was ready to open a practice after reading the book. I have, however, been able to hand it to someone and then have a conversation about DPC a week later.
What books, sites, groups, resources do you use and trust?
What resources do you avoid? Currently my motto is “If it’s not FREE…” Not exactly, but it’s a beginning qualifier.
Where did/do you gain insights?

(Elizabeth Eaman) #2

Hands down the in person conferences were the best. I went a big one in Kansas City in the summer of 2016 and just last march went to another in Atlanta. I felt the second conference was just refresher and confidence building. After that one I felt ready to get things going and gave my notice at work a month later! I don’t think Farrago’s book helped me a lot since I got it after the conference and I really needed more practical local resources and answers to specific questions. The Atlas start up has been helpful for list making for sure. There is a Facebook group that has been immensely valuable as well.

(Elizabeth Hart) #3

So maybe before you tied into the conferences and one on one sessions? Any reading before?

How about business savvy books? Networking and marketing tips?

I think a common theme is not paying for consulting services for things that may be readily available for free? Any bad advice or experiences?