Radiology Pricing

(Dr Mark Turshen) #1

Anyone have thoughts or ideas on best tactics to getting cheapest cash pricing on imaging?
Or any specific, non-regional specific, places very good to work with?
What is the best pricing you’ve seen in general for XRay, CT, U/S, MRI, etc?

(Jason Larsen) #2

We’re in a rural area, and our prices are a bit higher than I’ve seen elsewhere. But, here’s what we get right now…

$75 for general Xray (includes radiology read, any number of views, mobile unit that comes to us)
$95 US Carotid (mobile and comes to us)
$70 US Abdomen (mobile and comes to us)
~$550 CT Brain
~$1000 MRI Brain

I’ve heard of much cheaper MRI and CT pricing in urban areas with older machines re-used from large hospitals.

(Ken Rictor, MD) #3

I am in South Central Pa and was able to work with a private imaging company. The local not for profit hospital system was by far the most expensive price point in town and had no desire to negotiate a lower price for my patients.

This independent company had no hesitation to help with costs

For plain x ray. 30-40 $
CT. $180
MRI. $350

They work to get our patients in very fast and all these prices are bundled with radiologist reading.

My biggest concern is how long this company will last. I am one of the last independent offices and all the hospital practices only refer imagin in house even thought it is dramatically increased in price.

Good luck with negotiations and keep us posted

(Dr Mark Turshen) #4

Interesting, we seem to be in the middle:

XRay $60-80 depending on site and views
MRI $500 or $650 w/ contrast
U/S $100-150
CT $300

We’re still the only DPC in a very PCMH, corporate health care state so don’t have a lot of bargaining power at the moment. But I guess those prices aren’t a bad start!

(Dr Lisa Davidson) #5

I’ve been pitting 3 different radiology places against each other to drive the prices down. These prices are all-inclusive of read, contrast, etc:
U/S (other than thyroid) $200
MRI (any body part) $485
CT (any body part) $375
Screening Mammo: $110

(Robin Dickinson) #6

@lisainden I have never got the ultrasound down that low! I think you are the master negotiator in this region! :smile:

(Ben Aiken) #7

Hi Lisa,

Were you able to contract a price for x-rays as well?


  • Ben

(Robin Dickinson) #8

@baiken I’m sure @lisainden managed. I have total faith in her. :wink: I’ve got $75 cxr currently.

(Dr Lisa Davidson) #9

$75 is a good price for CXR. @baiken we use the term “contract” loosely with most radiology places. They usually give us a verbal agreement. If it is a price list, it comes with “don’t show this to anyone”

(cristin dickerson) #10

I have been offering cash pay imaging in Houston for 6 years and now offer it all over Texas. Pricing is market based and is higher where there is a monopoly like ARA in Austin or a dominant hospital presence as in Dallas.

Fair and sustainable cash pricing for xray is $50-75, ultrasound $125-200, CT $300-500 depending on need for contrast, $400-450 for MRI, $1000 to $1400 for PET/CT. We have prices above and below these in some markets. When contracting with employers and TPAs, I have a small mark up as the encounter is more like insurance than cash typically.

(Chris Lacroix) #11

I purchased X-ray equipment and get reads for 10$ a study. I have ultrasound come ot our office for 37$ per study, and 50$ per echo.

Still working on CT and MRI