Questions for Hint Summit Panels

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Hint Health’s Inaugural Summit will be held on April 28th starting at 8:00am PT. We will be live-streaming the entire event which you can watch here.

We will be having two panel discussions and one fireside chat, and we would love to have the community’s participation. During these three discussions we will be crowdsourcing questions that those not at the event can ask of the panels.

Fireside Chat

The Fireside Chat, will be held at 10:30am PT.

Dave, Al and Tom will discuss specific applications of consumer marketing techniques to Direct Care.
Dave Chase, Tom Kippola, Dave Peterson - Zak Holdsworth (M)

Provider Panel

The first panel discussion, Conversation: Accelerating Direct Care with Providers, will be held at 1:30pm PT.

Building on the prior talks, this group will discuss tactics for educating and attracting new physicians into the Direct Care movement. These veterans will also share their experiences, lessons learned, and biggest regrets on the road to success.
Participants will be Dr. Julie Gunther, [Dr. Lisa Davidson] (, Dr. Ken Rictor - Dr. Rob Lamberts (M)

Employer Panel

The second panel discussion, Conversation: Cracking the Employer Code, will be held at 3:15pm PT.

With a unique blend of perspectives to tackle the challenge of selling to employers, Direct Care veterans will be joined by successful network operators and their benefits professional counterparts to discuss strategies for how to crack the employer code.
Participants will be Jon Hernandez, John Collier, Drew Kallestad, Clint Flanagan - Andy Neary (M)


To share your questions for the Fireside Chat please click here. To share your questions for the Provider Panel please click here. To share your questions for the Employer Panel please click here.

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We have also posted some questions to get the conversation started.

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