Questions for Hint Summit Employer Panel

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Employer Panel

The panel discussion, Conversation: Cracking the Employer Code, will be held at 3:15pm PT. You can watch it live here

With a unique blend of perspectives to tackle the challenge of selling to employers, Direct Care veterans will be joined by successful network operators and their benefits professional counterparts to discuss strategies for how to crack the employer code.
Participants will be Jon Hernandez, John Collier, Drew Kallestad, Clint Flanagan - Andy Neary (M)

To share your questions for the Fireside Chat please reply to this post. If you see someone else has asked a question you also would like answered, make sure you ‘like’ it (just click the heart on their post). We will be selecting the most liked questions to ask the panels.

We have also posted some questions to get the conversation started.

Questions for Hint Summit Panels
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What’s the easiest way teach employers what DPC is and it’s value?

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How does DPC impact employer benefit costs?

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What’s the easiest and best way to incorporate DPC into an employer benefit structure.

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5 years ago I was getting cold calls from insurance companies interested in partnering with my DPC before I had even launched the service, and they attended the FMEC DPC conference alongside physicians. Now they are our main opposition lobby to passing DPC laws in various states.

Any insights into what is going on with insurers since their biggest purchasers (employers) are increasingly interested in DPC? Since we can save them money too, why aren’t they offering policies that pair with DPC across the country?

Insurance Companies and DPC
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@HadenMD I think this is a great discussion to include here on the forum. I’ve linked to it on a new thread here.

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