Professional Photos

(Wendy Schilling) #1

I’ve been told to get professional photos for my FB account and brochure. I understand the importance of having “a good face” but I’ve afraid I will look too stuffy and posed. Also, I’m concerned about expense. I want my hair and makeup to look like me, how I actually look when you come to the office. What’s your opinion on this? Are you turned off by a photo that is too professional and then you meet the person and they just look like a regular doctor? Who did your photos? A friend? Professional?

(Dana Sanderson) #2

Hi Wendy,
I’m the Business Manager of a concierge practice with a background in advertising and marketing and have had to hire several photographers over time. I would recommend you hire a professional for the photo. There are many photographers who specialize in presenting their subjects naturally and fees vary widely so with a little homework you should be able to give you exactly what you want. Rest assured, a true professional listens to their client. Good luck!

(Trinette Moss) #3

I think your professional photo can definitely represent to you are. It does not have to be a stuffy posed picture. It could be you outside with your loved ones, just professionally shot/edited. I had mine done by a pro, and had a lot of good feedback from patients.

(Wendy Schilling) #4

Thank you. What should I expect to pay for head shots?

(Ken Rictor, MD) #5

Wendy, I am a semi-professional photographer. I have done weddings and portrait work. I think with the right look it can make a good impression. I totally agree that the photos that are taken by some photographers tend to be just a photo without properly capturing you. The staged or posed shot does not work. The smile that comes when someone says “Cheese” does not work. The photo look needs to come from thought and attitude. When you get your photo taken, you need to be in the mindset of the caring, friendly doc. That mindset will show up on your photo.

You should not have to spend much on a head shot. Most photographers charge a sitting fee about $100 per hour and then they can give you the images. If you want something touched up, I will be glad to photoshop your images so that you get the look that you want and can save some editing costs.

Random shots with someone in your office popping off some shot with a phone can have amazing results too.

(Wendy Schilling) #6

Thank you!

(Robin Dickinson) #7

@Wendy I think it really depends who you are marketing to. My patients have all LOVED that my photo is just a fun photo of me with my son with his face covered in dirt. I’m specifically appealing to patients who are in some way on the fringes of medical care and generally don’t trust doctors. For me and for my patients, looking professional is actually a detriment. I can’t tell you how many people tell me, “I decided to come see you because my friend/neighbor/relative told me you don’t look like a doctor.” Or something similar. I have what is perhaps an unusual relationship with my patients but I also have a lot of respect and very high compliance in what is traditionally a very low compliance population. So for me, this works.

Marketing is all about thinking about your audience and what you are trying to tell them about you and your business. My photos on my website all say, “I’m just a normal person who cares and lives in the neighborhood, I’m one of us who happened to go to medical school, you can trust me.” Because that’s the truth of who I am.

(Wendy Schilling) #8

I love your comments! Something for me to think about

(Tiffanny Blythe) #9

I am partnering with a local photographer to barter for a quick session. Offering quick urgent care or house call (as we live in the same neighborhood).

(Ken Rictor, MD) #10

This is what you need…

(Jack Forbush, DO) #11

I actually used my hospital ID pic for awhile!
Kinda tough to do now as it’s 16 years old…not that I look any older mind you :wink:

(Jack Forbush, DO) #12

very nice!
you must be a photoshop king or something

(Ken Rictor, MD) #13

Its just my Right brain getting some exercise. I get addicted to photoshop challenges.

(Lissa Lubinski) #14

Ha! LOVE it!

(Dr Melanie Story) #15

While a professional photographer is always nice, it is important to always be thinking to places you do not have to spend money. Will this truly get you the bang for the bucks many charge? If you do not have the tools yourself, look to your family & friends, community or church and local colleges to see if they would be willing to help you out. Students in marketing and photography are always needing a “project” for a class. Be their project for FREE!
Yes, presentation of facility and self is always important in business, but it is your health care that sales your business!