Patients reversing credit card charges

(Trinette Moss) #1

I have had a few patients now dispute charges on their credit card for their membership. This means I lose the money they paid and a processing fine is added by Stripe. I haven’t won any of the disputes despite providing information to Stripe with patient contract etc.
Has anyone had this happen and won the dispute?

(Christopher Highley) #2

I’ve had the same issue. Super frustrating when you submit all the info to Stripe and they still rule against your favor. I did win a dispute via Paypal recently for what it’s worth.

(John Lin) #3

Contact the patient and try to recoup charges. Remind patient that failure to satisfy debt constitutes theft of services / breach of contract, and the police will be contacted if you feel like it. Obviously, you will no longer EVER see this patient in your practice.

(Matthew Haden) #4

Sorry that has happened to you. I’ve avoided it so far, but am waiting for the first incident eventually. That’s very concerning that Stripe does not acknowledge your documentation–that is supposed to suffice.
That is indeed theft of services, although your local police may not understand it as such unless you saw the patient immediately preceding the charge reversal.

As has been discussed on the Facebook DPC group, probably best to just turn them over to a collections agency. Don’t waste your own time on the frustration, but make sure their is a consequence for their sh%%y behavior. I think Josh Umbehr posted the collections company he uses on the Facebook group.

Good luck!

(Appalenia Udell, Esq.) #5

We have successfully helped DPC clients with chargeback issues and patient collections. Feel free to give us a call to discuss 303.740.4895.

(Chris Lacroix) #6

I have had my first 2 denials from stripe in the over the past 2 months. Documentation was submitted and I am still awaiting final ruling on these. In the mean time, I have switched to billing in arrears and charging a $25 dollar signup/administration fee at the beginning of the contract. This covers part of any loss I may have with disputed payments. Besides being a little safer from a legal standpoint in terms of billing in arrears, and since this the sign up fee is far less than my monthly fee, the patient does not bat an eye at paying it, and feels like they are getting a discount the first month.

(Chris Lacroix) #7

I also would be careful about turning them over to collections, as that word of mouth can ruin your brand. I find it better to eat the cost unless it is excessive.