Patient agreements and minors


We are starting a new DPC and currently enrolling patients, some of whom are minors. We have a patient agreement that adults sign through Hint, and we are wondering if you have the parent sign on behalf of their minor children, or do you consider the parent signing with their own enrollment enough?

(Dana Sanderson) #2

We note the name of the minor patient on any documents, e.g. releases of medical records, HIPPA forms, etc…, and require a parent or guardian to sign on their behalf

(Christine Degnon) #3

Are they actually signing through HInt, or just checking a box? Do you see a signed copy of the agreement? If so, how? I haven’t been able to figure that out!

(Appalenia Udell, Esq.) #4

We recommend language that declares parental/guardian authority and assigns responsibility for payment to the executing party. Sometimes things can get tricky when parents are or become divorced, or when an alternative adult assumes primary responsibility for the minor. Also, be aware that state laws vary as to minor age of consent for specific medical applications, and you will need to modify your patient agreements, PHI release, and EHR access accordingly. It is also advisable to have some kind of age tracking system in place so that the policies and procedures of your practice are compliant as the minor patient ages and their legal ability to consent changes.