NW (WA) Accountant Recs?

(Elizabeth Eaman) #1

I was wondering if anyone had a good accountant they can recommend. I assume most things can be dealt with remotely/electronically (although please let me know why you prefer in person if that’s the case). I’m in WA state so preferably someone familiar with WA (do accountants credential by state? I know nothing about them!). Thanks!

(Dr. Peter Lehmann) #2

You don’t need a certified accountant to manage your books in a DPC practice IMO. My wife is mine and she’s just an attorney who learned what she needed to learn and became an expert at Quick Books. That said I think you should know who’s giving you advice about your finances. Pick someone whose hand you can shake. Some things just shouldn’t be done virtually.

(Jason Larsen) #3

@oodleMD - The best money I have ever spent has been on an accountant!

I think we all have our strengths and weaknesses, so I highly recommend outsourcing as many of your ‘weaknesses’ or the things (especially as a physician) that take you away from patients!

We are also in Washington State, and would highly recommend Helium Tax out of Bellevue, WA. You’ll likely talk with Howard or Ryan, and tell them that Jason with Assurance Healthcare pointed you to them. They’re a great team that are big fans of DPC.

They will also be able to scale with your business as well, and can help with retirement plans, wealth management, and much more.

(Elizabeth Eaman) #4

Update: I met with the folks at Helium and think they are a great fit for me! Hired them on the spot! Thanks for the recommendation!

(Jason Larsen) #5

So glad they were a good fit for you! They have been wonderful for us, and have the ability to grow in services as we grow, which is very attractive. All the best to you!