(Dr Rob Lamberts) #1

I am rolling out new services and a nurse practitioner and want to mail a newsletter to my patients. Any suggestions for programs/apps/websites that are good for creation of such a newsletter? I’ve tried on Word and it’s not as good at layout. I will also do an emailing via Mail Chip, but want to be certain people get it and to have something they can give out to friends, etc. Suggestions?

(Jack Forbush, DO) #2

have you checked out ?

(Trinette Moss) #3

for the one you want to mail, it could be like a Christmas newsletter template right? I found some free ones on this website. you could customize it and give it to a local printer to print and mail it for you

(Kevin Lutz, MD, FACP) #4

We use Constant Contact. It’s a little pricey but very reliable with plenty of features. You can import your email contacts in bulk and get your first newsletter out very quickly.

I can send you a sample if you wish.

(Jason Larsen) #5

We use Microsoft Publisher for designing newsletters, which comes free with Microsoft Office 365 for small business (I highly recommend using that for email, non-patient info document storage, and for licenses to all Office products - just $15/user/month). Publisher is fairly easy to learn, much more so than the Adobe suite of products.

If you’re a Mac user, then Pages has some pretty good layout options.

We then create a pdf version of the newsletter to mail to patients (using MailChimp), and print off copies for patients to pick up in our clinic.

(Dr Rob Lamberts) #6

Don’t see newsletters on that site.

(Nancy Latady) #7

Rob, Mail Chimp works very well for designing/sending newsletters. If you want to use Canva, look in the left column for “Find Templates” and you’ll see Newsletters (I’ve included a screen shot). I have a good resource for you too - give me a call if you’d like.

(Dr Rob Lamberts) #8

So I didn’t think Mail Chimp allowed for printed newsletters. That’s the clincher here: I want to MAIL a newsletter (not email). So it has to be formatted to be printed out.

(Nancy Latady) #9

OK, if you just want to mail, then may be a good option. Since you’d mentioned you wanted to use Mail Chimp too, after creating the emailed version, it’s possible to turn it into a PDF (in Mail Chimp) to be mailed out. Takes a few extra steps.

(Karl N. Hanson, MD) #10

As Jason Larsen has pointed out, Publisher is very easy. I simply construct my own newsletter. Takes a few hours. I then save as PDF and upload it to my web site in the Documents page. I have all my patients email addresses in my address book of my mail program. I just BCC my newsletter to all on the 1st of the month. I also attach the weblink in case they don’t want to download an attachment.
HINT is not set up to do blast emails from within HINT. It has been suggested by others but no movement on that yet. Seems like pretty easy code to write.
As an example January Newsletter

(Stephanie Kraft) #11

I, too, use the Microsoft templates for publishing newsletters. Where I get held up: writing the articles. I like to write but am short on time. Any ideas about free or paid health content that can be adapted into a newsletter?

(Dr. Paul Thomas with Plum Health) #12

MailChimp is excellent! A great way to engage patients and the broader community. You can segment your audiences as well - Paul

(Lori Carnsew) #13

Thank you for this. I have been struggling with the decision on whether to buy expensive software vs taking the time to get better with Pages or Word (which have their limitations). Your newsletter looks great and has given me some ideas on how to improve mine! I will use it to make fliers for my Group classes as well.