New DPC Explainer Video

(Paul Lacey) #1

The FMEC just released a new DPC explainer video this morning:

This asset has been released “rights-free”, meaning anyone has permission to use it on their websites and in marketing campaigns. Feel free to start incorporating it into your materials right away!

(Robin Dickinson) #2

Thanks for sharing! I know a lot of people were waiting for this

(Ken Rictor, MD) #3

Please note the video was designed so that you can add your logo to back. It is pretty easy to do with iMovie from mac. Here is my link so you can see the result. This should prove to be a great tool for all. Just the beginning…

(Brieanna Seefeldt) #4

Thanks so much!! This is great!

(Chris Lacroix) #5

This is not a bad message, but it is waaaaaay too long. Needs to be less than 2 minutes. Ideally closer to 1minute. People loose interest and get bored and will move on. Leave the political stuff out, patients as a whole don’t care about that stuff.

(Chris Lacroix) #6

Better to have a series of 60- 90 second videos that people can click on then one longer Video. The attention span of the consumer is very short. Once you tantalize them with short teaser of the perks of DPC, you can draw them to your website for more in depth information. Don’t overwhelm or bore potential customers right off the bat, the ones who want in depth information will look for it on your website. Free consultations to explain the practice can fill in the gaps or questions they have. Give them a reason to call or come in and ask questions, that’s when you can “complete the DPC Sale”

(Robin Dickinson) #7

@Lumbeemd A number of us have done our own explainer videos and have been very happy with them. For a few hundred dollars you can have exactly what you want (I insisted on writing my own script and doing my own voiceover and they were super nice about it). That said, this is available to everyone and already done so… I know some people are also using this video and changing it on a video editing software to be what they want.

Which I guess is to say, I tend to agree with you but I think regardless of what people are looking for, it can be used with a little video editing magic. :slight_smile:

(Chris Lacroix) #8

The concept is great! I just know a lot of physicians have little marketing experience and having learned a lot with Marketing our practice, I want to let providers know what the attention span is of our audience and were we sometimes make mistakes. We tend to explain everything in perfect detail with our patients during our visits, and this tendency can roll over to marketing. Most of the consumers out there are not as sophisticated and analytical as we are, thus when market in the same way we practice medicine, a lot gets lost in translation. I agree that there are many nice services that will do explainer video’s cheaply and they should be used. As far as editing Video down to make it your own… this take a lot of time, work and some skill, which I have none of. Bottom line is what is our time worth and what are you good at individually? If we think we are worth $100 or $200 per hour and it takes 1-3 hours to rework a video to adapt it to make it our own, the question becomes: did I spend this time wisely? Would I have been better off having a service produce exactly what I want and use that time to further my practice in another way? Just food for thought.

(Robin Dickinson) #9

I often do the time-is-money calculation too. It has resulted in me hiring out random stuff (like the explainer video I paid for, Shoeboxed to manage my receipts, etc). Some things are just not worth my time…which sounds snotty but is so true! One of the reasons I opened my DPC practice was by doing the “real hourly wage” calculation from Your Money Or Your Life on my old job and realizing how little I actually earned per hour was not worth my time. :wink:

(Lori Carnsew) #10

What video services have you used? Are you satisfied with them? Do you feel that they were worth the cost (ie brought on new patients)?

(cjs56) #11

Pretty good advice.

(cjs56) #12

I think the younger generation is somewhat mistrustful of the medical profession. But, they are also more open-minded.
They can tell when a physician cares and that’s the most important thing. If they like organic food, Starbucks coffee, Amy’s Pizza, lattes, Whole Foods meals, low fat everything…etc.,… then …have an old fashioned “open house” on a day or at a time that many would be free.
A D.P.C. physician could even ask them what days and times are best for all of them to come. They will bring their significant other, perhaps their senior Mom and Dad, even their child.
It is a chance to obtain multiple patients into a new D.P.C. practice.
Free food these days may be an important thing to some people …who may even be hungry.
When they see the organic food, they will think you are a really cool doctor.
That you “think like them.”

(Robin Dickinson) #13

I used this one. But watch for a sale because they have them periodically and you can save a lot.

It didn’t actually bring in more patients IMO but was still worth the money because when people call, they already know what DPC is and how my practice works. Different people have different learning styles and I really saw it with phone calls…there were some who said “I read everything on your website and I want to sign up” and there were others who had no idea what my practice was about. Now I have very few who think I might take their insurance and a mix of those who’ve read my whole website and those who say, “I watched the video and I want to sign up.” To me that’s valuable!

(Lori Carnsew) #14

Thank You!!