Need CPCC Speakers in Colorado

(Jamie Glover MD) #1

If you are interested in joining the Colorado Primary Care Collaborative speaker’s bureau, we need you. Please let Raquel Rosen of CAFP know. CPCC has chosen to support DPC and PCMH as their main models to push. They want to target education to employers first, from very small to large groups, and educate them as the stewards of healthcare in this state and as folks who can help create demand for DPC.

(Robin Dickinson) #2

@rocky_mountain_group I thought it was only fair to warn you my experience with planning on being on the CPCC and then withdrawing. It is definitely true that you will be pushing employers to support primary care centered models. This will probably be a better fit for people like @drcflanagan than people like me who don’t care two hoots about employer groups and what they do. :slight_smile: Though I understand that for the good of the movement, somebody has to do this.

I emailed with a person doing training for CPCC and asked about the fact that each of us was supposed to be representing both insurance-based PCMH models and DPC when it’s pretty obvious that each doctor prefers and knows more about one or the other depending on what we do. I wrote that I know all about PCMH but “I’d be giving a textbook lecture on one while having an in depth understanding of the other. Are we going to be speaking about multiple models and answering in depth questions and so forth? Working as a team with someone else? Going solo?”

The reply was, “PCMH is a robust care delivery model with a proven record and I would hope that you could find time to understand its scope and dimension in order to support it and talk about it as a Family Medicine “warrior”. If you can not do that, I understand; however, it is a an essential criteria to be on the Speaker’s Bureau."

Maybe I was just reading between the lines, but I wasn’t feeling like this would be a good fit for me. But others may find otherwise.

(Jamie Glover MD) #3

CPCC is trying to advance primary care in Colorado. It is true they have selected not only DPC, but two models to especially support… DPC and PCMH. I admit I didn’t know this when I signed up. CPCC is admitting that there is no one model that will work for all (at least not in the short term) which is something I happen to also believe in the short term. But I am excited that they feel DPC is up there as one of two models deserving of the support of the CPCC, of employers and of the public. It is true, I am becoming educated to speak to the individual level as well as to the employer group level. I also agreed to learn the textbook lecture on PCMH. As only one of their strategies, CPCC wants to talk to employer groups to make a big impact because “the majority of non-elderly Americans get their health insurance at work, and with good reason: the tax-free dollar can buy a lot more medical care.” And I learned things like this in the CPCC: “Our health insurance system is the product of random WWII-era tax provisions from the1954 Internal Revenue Service Tax Code.” So anyway, I am sticking with it and will at least keep you updated on how it goes. Overall, the CPCC isn’t only concerned with employer groups, but this particular strategy (the Speaker’s Bureau for employer groups) of advancing primary care in our state is targeted to employers as the stewards of our health care coverage system (apparently we are the only country who does it this way.)