Member Experience (aka customer experience)

(Robin Dickinson) #1

@RobinBerzin discussed how we can use the concepts of customer experience from other industries to improve our patient’s experience. There were several points that really stuck out to me, including having a voice/values/aesthetic that matches and measuring member experience in order to do more than just respond, but also anticipating what needs to be changed.

I think DPC is already an easy winner when it comes to good experiences for patients. What are people doing to make those experiences better?

Here’s the full talk with slides Building a Consumer Centric Healthcare Service.

(Dana Sanderson) #2

Thank you so much for posting all of the presentations (and the pix!). I plan to watch them again and share them with my colleagues

(Robin Dickinson) #3

They definitely made me think about what I’m doing on a deeper level! The Hint team did an awesome job getting these all up!

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