Looking for resources - Provider Business/Liability Insurance


(Kirsten Harrison, DC) #1

Hi there. I was hesitant to start a new thread, however my searching did not direct me to any helpful answers. If there is an existing thread for this or it would better serve by being somewhere else, please let me know.

A little info first: I am a new DC in IL, where we are considered Primary Care without surgical or prescriptive rights (with a couple of other caveats that aren’t relevant to this conversation). I am launching a DPC, functional medicine micropractice in Q1 2018 and I am looking for business and malpractice insurance. As a chiropractor the only resource I was given is NCMIC. I’m not sure how familiar they are with Direct Care or Functional Medicine.

Do you have a resource that could be helpful to me and others in this situation?

Thank you for your time.

(Dr. Peter Lehmann) #2

My malpractice insurance is through Norcal and is about half of what I paid the past 20 years for traditional malpractice coverage in third party FFS with 2000-3000. I have no idea if they insure chiropractors nor if they are in all 50 states (I’m in Washington). Business insurance is cheap. Any local broker could price it out for you. I think I pay about $500 a year and my policy is from Liberty Mutual.

(Kirsten Harrison, DC) #3

Great! Thank you for the information. It’s a place to start! I didn’t want to google and start cold calling. Appreciate your input, Dr. Lehmann.

Also, the PNW is my favorite place in the world :smiley: