Listserve for Colorado DPC

(Jamie Glover MD) #1

If you want to be on the DPC Listserve in Colorado for important DPC notices, let Raquel Rosen of CAFP know. Do we want the bigger Listserve only or do we also want some sub-listserve’s like for small independent DPC’s etc. The Listserve address is

(Robin Dickinson) #2

@j.glover1 I’m sorry for being totally out of the loop with this. Why/what is the listserve? Does that mean a list of people who get emailed all at the same time?

I’m torn about having separate listserves. I remember that initially the new DPC bill was emailed out to just the large DPCs and us independents found out late. I’d hate for any smaller group to be forgetting to share information with the whole (and us independents could do it just as easily!) At the same time I can totally see the utility of separate lists because we may not all have the same interests.

What does everyone else think?

And thanks for letting @rocky_mountain_group know!