List of Meds to start dispensing


(Dr Rob Lamberts) #1

So after the conference I’m inclined to go ahead and start dispensing medications. It would be much easier if I didn’t have to learn by experience which drugs work well with dispensing and which do not. Could you folks share your list of commonly dispensed drugs so I can get started without the learning curve?

(Robin Dickinson) #2

I have no suggestions (I don’t dispense). But I’m curious what made you change your mind about dispensing?

(Minda Gold) #3

I am just starting to dispense meds from my office. A bottle of doxycycline has been extremely helpful-I give two out for Lyme prophylaxis when appropriate. It’s also much more affordable for patients to get their doxy Rx from the office than the pharmacy.
Ordered some Triamcinolone ointment, augmentin,valocyclovir,omeprazole,loratadine and sildenafil to have in stock.

(Dr. Peter Lehmann) #4

My top 30 this year:

(Brian Lanier) #5

That looks a lot like my startup list.

(Dr Rob Lamberts) #6

The integration with Hint helps a lot, and just talking to various docs at the conference made me realize that patients really do appreciate this option.