Legislation or legal precedent for Direct Care in CT

(John H. Furlong, N.D.) #1

#1 Any thoughts about the legislative environment for direct pay in CT? I’ve seen from other states that to avoid classification as "insurance’ one has to be careful to not oversell memberships beyond the time available to actually see the number of subscribers… #2 looking to fully convert my hybrid practice and seeking interested potential partner to offer integrative approach

(Robin Dickinson) #2

There is now successful legislation in many states. Here’s a link to DPC frontier’s info on that.

My recommendation, based on our success in Colorado, is to consider your audience. We are a swing state and had to appeal to both sides. We ended up dividing and conquering. The larger more corporate DPCs prepped the Republicans ahead of time, a couple of us small “safety net” type practices hobnobbed with Democrats on committee. In the end it passed committee unanimously. One of the democrats who was definitely planning on voting against it gave a great summary hitting every positive of DPC and then voted yes. It was pretty awesome!

You can read the legislation for different states and find what would work with yours. In Colorado, there is a fairly powerful patient protection lobby we had to work with in order to craft legislation they wouldn’t kill but in the end they were supportive with reservations, which I think was as good as it could get.

(John H. Furlong, N.D.) #3

excellent tips and strategy ! thank you !

(Robin Dickinson) #4

You’re welcome! And best wishes. Just consider each legislator as an individual and what they are looking for and explain DPC in THAT language.

(linnea meyer md) #5

Consider reaching out to the docs practicing DPC in CT to check in with them re this issue: https://dpcnewengland.org/connecticut/

(John H. Furlong, N.D.) #6

excellent!!! thank you for the connection!