Julie Gunther on NPR

(Robin Dickinson) #1

A patient came in today and said, “I heard a woman talking on NPR who does the same thing as you.” And I got all fangirl on you @drg and was like, “Ahhhh! I KNOW her!” :grin:

For anyone who missed it, click here to hear Dr. Julie Gunther.

(Dr Rob Lamberts) #2

Amazing tha @drg kept cool and was so diplomatic. Things like this drive me crazy:

SOBELSON: Yeah. From my perspective in New Hampshire, I think the damages to Medicaid that the Senate bill would bring about would be devastating to us and take back so much positive progress we’ve had in terms of access and cost containment.

Cost containment?? Nobody ever hears the fact that ACA, the new plan, or single-payer do NOTHING to control cost. Julie stated the idea of runaway cost, but that issue (which is core) was totally ignored.