How to handle groups/businesses

(Robin Dickinson) #1

How does everyone handle business sign ups?

I have only very informally had businesses get involved in paying for memberships and it’s been for very small businesses where the wife/secretary (who is also one of my patients) was worried about one of “the guys” and so she entered the business card number in on the patient’s portal so I wasn’t officially involved. Or the family membership is being paid through the family business but I don’t really know since they just enter whatever card they want.

Now I’ve had a slightly larger (around 10 employees) contact me with questions about doing memberships for their employees. Do you have a separate contract for the employer and the patients? How do you handle family members of the employee if they want to sign up too? Do you do any sort of discount for the group? What do you do if someone is no longer employed by the company?

(Dochost) #2

I’m just getting into this myself and signed up a company with potentially 80 employees plus families. I do not give any discounts as I believe my fees are reasonable and already will provide 20% discount on their employee costs down the road.This employer didn’t even ask.
They are using my contract for each employee, just substituting that the company will pay for the memberships as long as the employee gets one wellness exam per year. (an excellent deal, I highly rec!! You can point out that most DPC patients save 20-25% on insurance costs, the longer they are in a DPC plan the better!) I signed a separate contract with the company to provide DPC services for 1 year, 90 day separation, etc etc. If someone is no longer employed, we would contact them and see if they wish to take on the cost of the membership themselves (I did have an employee do this for about a year after they left the company). They are, of course, no longer included in the patient list the employer pays me off of.
We worked out a plan that the company will send me a list each month of who is eligible (which we will reconcile with our list) and then pay me directly to my bank account. If we have any ancillary labs/meds, we will invoice them for that each month.
Well, it SHOULD work… not officially starting until Sept.
This is a self funded company, by the way.

(Robin Dickinson) #3

This is great to know, thanks! I thought this as well and really didn’t want to provide a discount. [quote=“dochost, post:2, topic:913”]
as long as the employee gets one wellness exam per year

This is brilliant.

Thanks for all your detailed recommendations. I will be following your plan.

(Dave Rogers) #4

We just signed up a small small business a couple weeks ago. There are some nuances with Hint which the Hint help pages did not really address. I spent a lot of time with excellent Nora who helped me get patients moved around properly. Remember too that Hint cues up for one day of the month when the business gets invoiced. You have that one day to reconcile each employee and their rate, or else more of a hassle to change later. Also, all itemized costs / indiv patient add-on services, if included on the company invoice, are NOT listed itemized (HIPAA thing I’m guessing). Having it set up where employees pay their own itemized costs is doable but a hassle. Ask Nora to help.

(Robin Dickinson) #5

@Nora_Goldfield is excellent!

Thanks for the detailed information

(Jack Forbush, DO) #6

Nora is a godsend!

(Christopher Habig) #7

The big riddle right now seems to be in companies that are too small to offer their own self-funded plans but still see value in DPC membership. Until some more clarity from the Feds, it looks like any DPC membership will be viewed as an after-tax benefit.

This is unfortunate as the smaller businesses could really use this to provide a competitive benefit and acquire talent.

I’d be curious to hear anyone’s experience with non self-funded companies and DPC.

(Robin Dickinson) #8

I think this is the big conundrum right now. I’ve a few memberships paid for in these circumstances but it seems to be case-by-case when they decide it’s cheaper to make sure there’s primary care so their employees show up to work (one small business near me sends all their hypochondriacs, which is kind of funny because we don’t have an official contract, they just arrive with a check for a year membership… The owner sees me too and says I’ll know someone is driving him crazy when they arrive with that check).

I think until the HSA situation is fixed, the pain of paying for DPC has to be greater for the company than the pain of not paying.