How do you manage receipts?

(Robin Dickinson) #1

I go the lazy route…I use Shoeboxed and pay the $30 a month for them to automatically send me a “magic blue envelope”. I used to intend to scan and organize everything but within a couple years I had accumulated an entire box of crap. So every month I would send off a blue envelope of the current receipts plus some of the old ones. I finally tossed that empty box a couple months ago!

I used to never even open Shoeboxed, just knowing it was there was enough. But I realized I could put my husband to work on it…so every quarter he sits at the computer with my taxes spreadsheet and matches every item. It’s a strangely good feeling to know everything is ready if I get audited. :slight_smile:

(Brieanna Seefeldt) #2

My bank offers Bodhi Tree (like Mint for business) but I haven’t used it. My mom does my book keeping in Quickbooks but it’s hard for me to keep up with details. Sometimes feels like I am flying blind. Not good.

(Robin Dickinson) #3

@Brieseefeldt At least you can presumably trust your mom. :wink:

(Jack Forbush, DO) #4

Scan the all either with my phone or scanner