How did you name your practice?

(Jason Larsen) #21

Assurance Healthcare & Counseling Center

  1. We liked the idea of offering ‘assurance’ rather than ‘insurance’ - we’d always be there for the patient.
  2. Healthcare instead of Family Practice - because we may expand beyond just Family Practice
  3. Counseling: we knew from the beginning that we would incorporate mental health
  4. Center: we didn’t like ‘clinic’ or any other name that indicated that people had to be ‘sick’ in order to see us. We want to be available at all stage of life, illness, etc.
  5. Lastly, we wanted something that wasn’t trademarked, and longer names are more readily available. We always knew that we would communicate as “Assurance Healthcare” - or even “Assurance Health” - which then is why we chose the domain name, “
  6. Why .org? Because .com wasn’t available :slight_frown: