How did you name your practice?

(Robin Dickinson) #1

My personal favorite name is @oodleMD. Oodle is just such a fun word to say.

In retrospect, I probably should have chosen a shorter name but my practice was modeled on community supported agriculture before I knew DPC existed so Community Supported Family Medicine just made sense. (I now have a DBA for CSFM for simplicity).

So how did others choose their practice names?

(Ken Rictor, MD) #2

My practice just followed the community name Scotland. If I started from scratch I would choose a different name that would epitomize the DPC flavor. I think you need something easy and short and visual.

(Tiffanny Blythe) #3

Blue Lotus Family Medicine
It was very important to me for the title to include "Family Medicine " bc 1) I’m very proud to be a FM Doc. 2) DPC and Blue Lotus are both “weird” things to the avg joe. So I wanted something that identified me as something they could understand. 3) I also wanted it to be very clear that I was a medical clinic primarily and not a spa or “health center” (therefore rejected Blue Lotus Wellness, etc)
I selected Blue Lotus because it symbolizes knowledge and the ability to “rise above” that, perhaps to a whole new level of understanding :blush:

(Tiffanny Blythe) #4

And overall I did want to convey a sense of peace, serenity, and wellness; not just a sterile white coat by-the-text doctor’s office.

(Elizabeth Eaman) #5

Oodle - that’s mine! Thanks :slight_smile:

You already know, Robin, but for the others, Oodle was my dear departed mother’s Hebrew name! She was an amazing woman and you can read more about her here if you’re game!

I like Peter’s “Vintage” name a lot as is really communicates the “good old days” of medicine :slight_smile: I also love the one-namers like Spark and Plum (thus part inspiration for Oodle).

(Robin Dickinson) #6

@drg @drpeter @paulthomas2013 You’ve been chosen. :wink: How did you choose your names?

(Robin Dickinson) #7

And I love the story of your practice name. I just read her obit…what an amazing woman!

(Dr. Peter Lehmann) #8

I’m really happy with Vintage Direct Primary Care. I wanted a name that evoked an image of the past, as medical care was largely direct pay and service was very personal. I did think quite awhile before settling on that name. Before I picked the name I envisioned in my mind what my general vision was for my practice. I asked myself what I thought a doctor’s office looked like when I was young.

It also allowed me to create office space filled with antiques and any old medical supplies I could find. That’s an ongoing fun search.

Peter Lehmann

(Robin Dickinson) #9

What a fun idea to continue the theme to the decor! And the name certainly evokes what you were going for.

(Richard R. Samuel, MD ) #10

I kept it simple and self explanatory…North Idaho Direct Primary Care…RRS

(Chris Lacroix) #11

I think in the digital age, the most important thing is ease to remember and find your website/social media pages. When I choose the name for my business, I wanted an easy website to navigate to that was still open first and secondly something that was short and easy to remember while referencing life or health in some way. Viva Med is what came out of that.

(Robin Dickinson) #12

I totally agree. And totally messed up on that. But it’s been okay. Still, for people just starting out, I always recommend making a better decision than me. :slight_smile:

(Jack Forbush, DO) #13

Kept is simple as well, "Osteopathic Center for Family Medicine"
scored with a 4-letter URL and twitter handle


(kate little) #14

I’m planning on “LittleMD”…,…mainly because I can arrange it in a little logo, and it’s quick&easy to write on the gazillion forms I’ll be signing…

(Dr Melanie Story) #15

Genesis 1 Health - Genesis = “new beginning”. You will also see the Caduceus is used in lieu of the “i” in Genesis to convey the message visually to all that we are medical office! “1” because it is our first office! Health because that is our focus.

(Maribel Aviles) #16

Innova- something new…
Also In - 'Nova"-- an astronomical event that causes the sudden appearance of a bright “new” star.
Innova Medical Care

(Dr. Paul Thomas with Plum Health) #17

Hey, thanks for the shout out! Here’s a little vignette about naming my clinic! and why we chose “Plum Health” :slight_smile:

Coming up with a name for my clinic was a tough process. I knew that I needed to pick something unique, something that wasn’t overused in the marketplace, and something that was easy to understand and recognize. I didn’t know a lot about branding and marketing at that time, in fact I knew very little.
Despite my naivety, I persisted and created a list of several potential names. Potential names included Lighthouse, Aym, Plum, Armiger, Stella, Vega, Detroit DPC, etc… I knew that I wanted something that could not be confined to one neighborhood, city, or geographic region and I knew that I didn’t want to name it “Dr. Thomas’ Clinic”. I reviewed them with my wife and a few friends.
I wasn’t 100% sold on Plum, but it felt right for some reason. For me it had a lot of meaning behind it and it had a nice round sound: Plum Health. As an aside, the health care market in Detroit is dominated by eponymous institutions, which are invariably named after men: William Beaumont Hosptal, Henry Ford Health System, St. John Hospital, St. Joseph Mercy Health System.
I knew that I wanted my brand to be slightly more feminine or at least gender neutral. After all, women often make health care and healthcare coverage decisions for their families, so I wanted a brand that would attract female clients.
As I was thinking about the name and the future logo design, I wrote this blog post:

(Robin Dickinson) #18

I’ve always loved the name Plum Health (it’s a plum of a name…)

I think this is so important to consider! The name does attract certain types of people. Awhile back there was discussion of a practice name on another group and a number of the women said basically that they wouldn’t go there or maybe just for their cholesterol medicine or something. One commented, “It sounds like a pap would hurt there.” Of course, everyone thought the comment was hilarious…but it’s true! There are visceral reactions to names. I’ve often thought about renaming my practice but the reality is that the name attracts the sort of down-to-earth, urban homesteading, community-minded people that I enjoy caring for.

And of course, women do make the majority of healthcare decisions, so appealing to them just makes good common sense

(Dr. Paul Thomas with Plum Health) #19

Yes, “Community Supported Family Medicine” definitely has that down-to-earth appeal. I think it’s a solid name though if that’s the group of people that you want to attract. The opposite of that would be like “Luxe MD” or something of that ilk. And yes, people will judge your brand and therefore your business by your name, logo, images, and promotional materials!

(Robin Dickinson) #20

Yes exactly! When I opened my practice, I honestly didn’t realize to what extent the name would choose the patient.

I think it would be fascinating to compare how practices and patient populations match up (or don’t!)