How can we prepare for 2017 DPC Summit Capitol Hill Meetings?

(Jason Larsen) #1

I am preparing a bit for next week’s DPC summit in DC and would love to know how I can best prepare for meetings with my Senator(s) and Congressman.

@philsq or @jpkeese (or anyone else!) - do you have any recommendations for us on how we can prepare?

Do we need to be aware of specific bills or IRS law to recommend our representatives make sure they address?
Any questions we should be asking?
Other than sharing stories of our own DPC practices and how we’re truly helping people, are there any other pieces of information we should be sharing with them?


(Dr Phil Eskew, DO, JD, MBA) #2

Be ready to tell personal DPC stories to young DC staffers. If they have already heard about DPC (for many this will be the case due to our prior visits) you can get into greater detail. Here are three resources you can use to make sure you are familiar with the tax issues.
Paulsen Letter
PCEA handout
Tax Treatment