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As I mentioned, my mother had Parkinson’s Disease for 10 years. I was working 32 hours a week.
I had no outside help except for outside agency help which cost $12.00-$15.00 per hour.
Some churches can provide help as well.
Elderly neighbors are ones that a home bound patient needs to befriend quickly.
I was lucky because my mother could not transfer too well at the end.
So, less worry about "wandering."
I believe that a home visit physician can be the most help by simply asking the patient "is there anything specific that I can do to help you in the next hour and is there anyone you would like me to call that may be able to assist you later
on today or that may be worried about you."
If a D.P.C. homebound patient is going to pay a monthly fee, then a family physician’s most valuable asset is ADVICE from previous geriatric patient experiences.
What to avoid and what to focus on.
What caused the downfall of a previous geriatric patient? What caused another geriatric patient to become a little stronger? How can you be this patient’s advocate? The community at large may not be the patient’s best advocate.

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