Hint Summit 2018

(Eric Crall, MD) #1

Being among the collective minds at the Hint Summit makes me think of how effective a
DPC Mastermind group could be. In case you are not familiar, see link below. Perhaps Hint could sponsor a doc to be trained as a facilitator. This could be a big part of launching the direct-to-employer movement forward in leaps and bounds.


(Jason Larsen) #2

@myDPCdoc, I think this is a wonderful idea, and would love to be part of this. Although I’m not a physician, I would also be interested in helping facilitate something like this.

I know there are some other groups forming, but I don’t think for the same reason a Mastermind group exists.

I’d love to know if there’s any more interest out there!

(Paul Lacey) #3

@myDPCdoc @Jason - great idea. What would be required to get this going?

If we provided a monthly video chat link (Zoom) would that be a start? What else?

(Jason Larsen) #4

@Paul - I think it would be great to host a monthly Zoom chat link. The other component would be to define what we’ll be covering, and then make sure we have people to be part of that group. I think you guys should have some connections :wink:

(Eric Crall, MD) #5

As a blogger for Entrepreneur stated, “Masterminds, for all intents and purposes, are peer-to-peer gatherings that are often helmed by thought-leaders and industry titans.” So first we need a DPC titan to be the facilitator. Ideally it would be a Clint Flanagan or a Joel Bessmer, or someone who could benefit from sharing their knowledge and experience with others because (s)he is aiming to scale the movement. The monthly chat would certainly be helpful, but I don’t think it would serve a useful purpose unless it was part of something big like a structured Mastermind group. Can Hint sponsor whomever agrees to facilitate to become certified by Mastermind as a facilitator? If so I will reach out to Hint speakers to look for someone to serve as facilitator.

(Jason Seidel) #6

FWIW, I run mastermind business retreats for mid-size and large practice owners around the U.S…but for psychotherapists. (If you’re wondering what I’m doing on this board, I’m a practice owner where we use hint as our platform and I am a passionate user/patient–20 years!–and proponent of the DPC physician model. Several of our employees use a DPC physician and we know DPC docs are amazing partners for promoting quality health care in our community.) Originally, these kinds of mastermind business groups started in the auto industry in the 1940s and were called “20 Groups” because they were limited to 20 dealerships to keep the group tight and confidential. These groups are still running in that industry, and for a reason. They are insanely helpful. Ours is called the Group Practice Roundtable (GPR). We are extremely passionate about it.

A few thoughts from running these for a couple of years now: they really have to be done in-person. Ours are semi-annual, at comfy and fun resorts around the US to improve the relaxation component. The online aspect in between the meetings can be kept in a forum like this (or in our case, on private FB groups and google groups). The meetings are very intense and rich (spilling into meals, happy hours, etc.) so the ‘in-person’ aspect is critical. Anyone who isn’t willing to plunk down a few thou for the plane fare, hotel, etc. isn’t a good candidate for these. They ain’t cheap but they’re powerful.

Meetings can get emotional as very dark experiences and very exciting ideas get shared. The confidentiality is also critical. I’m not here to advertise (I only run one ongoing group, and not as a moneymaker), but if some DPC folks twisted my arm, I could probably set one up for a group of 15-20 practices and help run it 2x/yr. That’s an off-line discussion, though!

(Eric Crall, MD) #7

Jason thank you for that thorough reply. Paul, can you identify the top 15-20 DPC docs in the country who are active in the employer space to perhaps invite to participate in a DPC Direct to Employer Mastermind group?

(Paul Lacey) #8

@myDPCdoc et al, happy to support. Let me pull this together in the next week or so. Would love to launch something mid-Sept. Stay tuned!