Hint Summit 2017


(Jeannine Rodems) #21

I’ll be there!

(Dr Rob Lamberts) #22

Rob thinks you are hilarious.

(Aaron Monson MBA, CMPE) #23

I will be there also.

(Zak Holdsworth) #24

Exciting… Hint Summit sold out and is oversubscribed;) We are super excited about bringing a great group of people together for the day.

(Ken Rictor, MD) #25

Congrats @Zak This may be the start of an annual thing…

(Kevin Miller) #26

I’m partner in a practice devoted to Functional Medicine and would really like to connect with others at the Summit who are Functional/Integrative/etc…

(Ken Rictor, MD) #27

Kevin There are many people coming to Summit who bring a different spin on DPC and the ideas shared are really helpful.

(Robin Dickinson) #28


@Brieseefeldt You’re going, right? Do you know anyone else who does integrative medicine who is going?

(Brieanna Seefeldt) #29

I’ll be there and do integrative Med. Hope to see you!

(Kevin Miller) #30

great, eager to talk @Robin_Dickinson and @Brieseefeldt

(Zak Holdsworth) #32

Hey, the event sold out so there is a live stream here: http://video.hint.com/hint-summit-2017

Also, if anyone has questions for the panels, you can ask them here.

(Brett Swenson, MD) #33

On my way! Looking forward to meeting everyone

(Eric Crall, MD) #34

Anyone know if the livestream is recorded anywhere? or are the speakers slides at least viewable anywhere? I would particularly like some of the Crossing the Chasm slides, Play Bigger slides, and Dave Chase slides for reference in video meetings with community docs to accelerate DPC.

(Robin Dickinson) #35

@Nora_Goldfield when will these be available?

I was just explaining to my 8 year old the concept of creating a category using the frozen peas example. :slight_smile: We really are creating a whole new thing. I was somewhat turned off by the “there will be winners and losers” because I’m more of a team player type and not at all interested in being a “winner” by other peoples’ definition. But now that I’ve time to think of the bigger ideas, I’m really pondering how to pull these concepts into what we’re doing.

(Nora Goldfield) #36

@Robin_Dickinson @myDPCdoc should have these ready to be shared out by the end of the week. We will make sure to share them in the community so everyone has access!

(Robin Dickinson) #37

Thanks @Nora!

(Zak Holdsworth) #38

Everything is now live at summit.hint.com. @myDPCdoc

(Zak Holdsworth) #39

All uploaded here summit.hint.com @Robin_Dickinson

(Dr Brian Pierce) #40

@Zak, thanks for making these available. This will help with marketing DPC to docs and employers.

One suggestion - lectures are often best played back slightly faster than normal, many podcast and video apps allow this. Is there a setting or option on your end that would make faster playback available to viewers?

Dave Chase’s talk, for example, is excellent but at nearly 30 minutes it likely exceeds the attention span of many curious potential viewers.

(Robin Dickinson) #41

I hate to say it, but you’re right. My brain is now trained to the 20 minute TED talk and if I see that something is 30 minutes I’ll often skip it…Isn’t that terrible?