Hint Summit 2017


(Dr Lisa Davidson) #1

Roll call for who’s coming to the Hint Summit in April!

(Dr. Peter Lehmann) #2

Peter Lehmann is a go.

(Philipp Olshausen) #3

Me,me,me! That’s still just one of me though. :slight_smile:

(Dr Clint Flanagan) #4

Let’s see, it’s a Hint event, in San Fran, at a really cool location with one helluva speaker line up (I’m not including myself in that) :grinning:
c u there!

(Dr Phil Eskew, DO, JD, MBA) #5

I’ll be there too.

(Dr Mark Turshen) #6

I’ll be there as well… very excited.

(Dr Lisa Davidson) #7

Representing from Rhode Island. That’s awesome!

(Dr Mark Turshen) #8

Thanks! @DrLauren and I have been open for 2.5 years and still the only DPC in RI, which is unfortunately heavily hospital/health care organization owned and predominantly PCMH. We talk to whomever will listen!

(Dr Lisa Davidson) #9

If you have friends who haven’t registered yet, here’s a link to the invite and a promo code:

(www.hintsummit.com) you can use the code ‘hintcommunity’ for 50% off.

(James Gaor) #10

Emilie Scott and I will be there too! Can’t miss out meeting more of you guys, and hanging out in SF for the weekend.

(Ken Rictor, MD) #11

I am there. Going to be great to reconnect and to meet new.

(Ken Rictor, MD) #12

Mark @drturshen How close are you to Brooklyn CT? My son lives there and would be great if I could connect you guys.

(Dr Mark Turshen) #13

Hey Ken @drken, we’re not too far… about 45 minutes or so. However, there is a DPC practice about 10 minutes down the road from him in Pomfret, CT if that is easier for him. They’d probably know the CT insurance issues better than us too. http://www.quietcornerfamilypractice.com/contact.html

(Jack Forbush, DO) #14

Clearly all the cool kids are going. If @lisainden Is going to be there, I’m definitely in!

(Michael A. Ciampi, M.D.) #15

Just seeing you would be worth the price of admission, but alas, I will have to do it virtually.

(Dr Lisa Davidson) #16

@maciampi I know we’ll be getting together soon enough. I’ll buy the first round :wink:

(Joy Donohoe) #17

Joy Donohoe will be there. Representing Donohoe Pediatrics (peds DPC in Chicago).

(Dr Rob Lamberts) #18

Rob (me) speaking in 3rd person will be there.

(James Gaor) #19

I’m only looking forward to your talk if you do it entirely in the 3rd person.

(Dr Lisa Davidson) #20

LOL @jamesgaor. I’m with you!