Hint new patient enrollment process? Any lessons learned?


(Jalan W. Burton) #1

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Hi everyone. Thank you so much for all of the priceless information.

I am launching my DPC house call services in April and will begin pre-enrollment in February. I am a Pediatrician serving DC and Virginia. I see a lot of variability online with sign up. Some practices have a general inquiry form online while others allow folks to directly sign up on their website using their unique Hint link or other services. I plan on using Hint for my practice management system.

What is your process? What areas would you improve if you were starting from scratch? What feedback have you gotten from patients?

Thanks, Jalan

(Jason Larsen) #2

Dr. Burton,

Congrats on opening your DPC house call service! I hope the process between now and April opening goes smoothly.

We have found that Hint’s online signup process is pretty smooth.

We use their full signup process, where patients can enter all information necessary and make a payment online.

We do have some additional paperwork (SMS consent, Patient Agreement, Medicare opt-out for those over 65, etc.) that we always get from folks at their first establish care visit. I haven’t yet looked at how these could be incorporated via Hint.

Personally, I like to get hard signatures, rather than allowing people to just click ‘agree’ and not knowing what they’re signing up for. That’s why we’ve stuck with the paperwork at the first visit. It’s also a good chance for them to ask any ‘technical’ questions about membership and how it works.

I hope that’s helpful!

All the best to you and your upcoming practice.


(Jalan W. Burton) #3

Hi Jason! Many thanks for your thorough response. Super helpful! I will be setting up my account next week.

When you say you like to get hard copies - is that just for comfort or is there a legal reason? I am trying to go completely paper free.