Health Coaching

(Matthew Haden) #1

I’m in talks with a recently graduated health coach about providing her service to my patients. She indicated a willingness to start for free, as she feels this is her calling to help others in her retirement. However, as the workload grows I’d want to compensate her. I’m interested in hearing the experiences of those of you offering health coaches.

  • How have others paid a health coach? Hourly? PMPM?
    We don’t have enough volume to guarantee her hours, yet I feel she could be very valuable to a number of my patients dealing with weight loss in particular, as she has quite a personal success story.

  • How do you get buy-in from patients to communicate with a new person about their long-term health goals?

  • Any sample contracts/agreements to help other DPCs get started?

(Robin Dickinson) #2

I haven’t hired a coach so someone else will have to answer that one, but I do have a close relationship with the people who do the Diabetes Prevention Program at the health department down the street from me. I’ve found that it’s critical to make sure the patient knows that I am still personally involved, that I know the people personally, that other patients have found it enormously helpful, that I recommend this and will receive reports back. And it’s also been key that I can send a referral directly to the health department so that we’re not just counting on the patient to take the initiative.

Previously when I just recommended DPP and gave the brochure, I literally had ZERO people take me up on the offer. Now that I fax a referral directly and make sure the patients know that I’m involved and will be receiving reports back, I have more than half of the patients I’ve offered it to actually attend. I’ve played around with it and just faxing the referral isn’t enough, I have to take a few minutes and really explain how this is something that I personally care about and will be involved in.